Red Dog Technologies faces lawsuit over Bitcoin mining noise complaints

Red Dog Technologies a Tennessee-based Bitcoin Mining company is facing a lawsuit from citizens in the county over complaints from Bitcoin mining noise, the lawsuit is seeking closure of the company.
Red Dog Technologies faces lawsuit over noise complaints

The property in question is leased to Bitcoin mining startup Red Dog Technologies by local electric utility company BrightRidge.

The county has filed a lawsuit against Red Dog and BrightRidge to force the mine’s closure. The trial will begin today and might last three days. The verdict will be decided by Judge John Rambo.

Last October, a local resident filed a legal case alleging that the mine “unreasonably interferes” with their “use and pleasure” of their land.

On weekdays, the mine is open from 8 p.m. until 2 p.m. It mines Bitcoin nonstop all weekend after 8 p.m. on Fridays. The facility emits a “loud hum,” according to residents.

Since last summer, when the district’s planning administrator warned Mayor Joe Grandy that the mine did not comply with zoning requirements and that the county may shut it down through the courts.

Grandy, who sits on BrightRidge’s board of directors and represents the county, seemed hesitant to act. The county’s planning commission unanimously voted last autumn to shut down the facility if the electricity utility did not comply.

If the county is successful in closing down the mine, it might create a precedent for many other areas around the United States where mining activities are springing up.