Ripple and SEC may agree before Dec 2022: US attorney

The Securities and Exchange Commission and Ripple may reach a settlement between now and the end of November, according to attorney Hogan.
Ripple and SEC may agree before Dec 2022: US attorney
Ripple and SEC may agree before Dec 2022: US attorney

Partner at Hogan & Hogan law firm Jeremy Hogan says there’s a chance that the continuing legal dispute between Ripple and the Securities and Exchange Commission can be resolved soon (SEC).

In response to a tweet from an XRP owner, Hogan made the statement. The user inquired in a tweet about the possibility of a settlement this month, as predicted by lawyer Hogan a year prior.

Persistent Conflict Between Ripple and SEC

The price of XRP has been negatively impacted by the protracted legal dispute between Ripple and the SEC, which has lasted for more than a year.

The lawsuit’s chaos is left to be endured by XRP holders in the hopes that the parties will come to a settlement on or before March 31, 2022.

A settlement between the two sides does not appear to be possible any time soon. The blockchain startup wants to put an end to the SEC’s strict regulatory policies in the cryptocurrency industry, while the SEC wants to use Ripple as a scapegoat.

Attorney Deaton: A settlement is only possible if…

On the basis of specific developments in the litigation, some analysts, however, think a settlement is imminent. Remember that the SEC was ordered by the court to reveal the internal records that influenced the creation of the contentious William Hinman speech.

Judge Sarah Netburn rejected the SEC’s motions despite all efforts to prevent Ripple from accessing the materials. John Deaton, an attorney representing over 72,000 XRP holders in a class action against the SEC, thinks the agency would probably settle with Ripple rather than produce Hinman’s documents in court since the SEC is still committed to keeping them.