Rocket Global Announces Plans to Become Hybrid Crypto Exchange

Rocket Global has announced plans to unveil a number of new features in order to become a next-generation hybrid crypto exchange
Rocket Global Announces Plans to Become Hybrid Crypto Exchange
Rocket Global Announces Plans to Become Hybrid Crypto Exchange

The project created a framework that ensures scalability, stability, high accessibility, and modularity from a technological standpoint. The portal, in particular, will reach the market with a capacity of over 70,000 transactions per second and an operation speed of fewer than 800 milliseconds.

Rocket Global combines the CEX and the DEX into a single crypto trading platform that is reliable, sustainable, and auditable. Hybrid platforms combine the best features of decentralized and centralized ecosystems to provide users with the best of both worlds.

The exchange’s smart contract and wallets carry out all value transfers on the blockchain, giving customers ultimate control over their funds and ensuring that they are managed safely.

Customers may be able to acquire better token exchange rates than they would be able to get on a single decentralized exchange thanks to Rocket Global’s DEX aggregator, which combines liquidity from multiple DEXs. With the program, consumers will benefit from enhanced valuations and cheaper trading expenses.

For example, an exchange contract spread across numerous DEXs may offer a consumer significantly better rates than a single exchange. This is one of the platform’s distinguishing qualities.

The system will be the first crypto exchange in the world, with a high-performance design adapted from the most successful international trade exchanges. The bitcoin trading platform does not want to address past concerns, but rather focuses on the future by entering the next-generation exchange market segment.