Ronin Unveils New Security System, Mavis Badges

Ronin Unveils New Security System, Mavis Badges

Ronin Unveils New Security System, Mavis Badges

Ronin has introduced a new domain name system to enhance security for its users, featuring Mavis badges to identify safe transactions.

To protect Ronin users from malicious assaults, Ronin has revealed its new Sky Mavis trustworthy domain name system, which consists of Mavis badges, Mavis Friends badges, and Unknown badges.

In order to help users identify secure transactions and applications, the new system has the ability to display different badges to users during their interactions with smart contracts. It also serves as a reminder to users to use caution and adhere to security guidelines when interacting with Ronin’s smart contracts.

The Mavis badge is intended to be observable to users as they interact with games or decentralized apps (dApps) created by Sky Mavis or Ronin Network. When signing a transaction, users will also see the emblem in their wallet UI. Its existence indicates that signing the transaction is a safe to do so.

When using dApps or games created by Axie Infinity, Sky Mavis, users will encounter the Mavis Friends badge. Developers who pass a security screening or receive independent validation from another reliable partner receive this emblem, signifying a certain level of confidence. On protocols, meanwhile, having a Mavis Friends badge does not guarantee total user safety.

Users will see an Unknown badge in Ronin Wallet when interacting with unconfirmed smart contracts; this badge denotes the highest degree of danger. Although it is conceivable for a secure protocol to be marked as unknown, users should be cautious and make sure the protocols are checked extensively. In the event that users encounter a dubious smart contract, they should remove their permissions from Ronin Wallet immediately.

Ronin Network Responds to the Security Vulnerability That Caused the ETH Theft of $9.7 Million

Specifically designed for Web3 gaming applications, Ronin is a blockchain that is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Sky Mavis, the same team that created Axie Infinity, aimed to revolutionize blockchain gaming by addressing Ethereum’s issues with expensive gas fees and sluggish transaction speeds.

The project experienced a security compromise a few months prior to the most recent upgrade. During that event, the Tornado Cash mixer transferred about $9.7 million worth of Ethereum from wallets on their network.

According to Sky Mavis co-founder Aleksander Larsen, the attack had nothing to do with the Ethereum bridge, Ronin Network security, or any money that Sky Mavis had. He clarified that the compromise occurred on a single wallet, a common occurrence on various blockchain networks.

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