SHIB Burner Reveals They’ve Burned 379.7M SHIB in February

According to premier burn site SHIB, about 380 million Shiba Inus have been burned so far in February, with that number expected to climb in the coming days.

SHIB Burner Reveals They've Burned 379.7M SHIB in February

This company, which creates games and burns SHIB tokens on a regular basis, said on Twitter that it has delivered roughly $9,365 of the second-largest cryptocurrency, 370.7 SHIB, so far in February.

Furthermore, according to another SHIB Burning Initiative Twitter account, several teams in the SHIB community destroyed about 63,770,612 tokens in the last 24 hours.

 370.7M SHIBs Burned in February

Travis Johnson’s SHIB burn games, a game-making company that conducts frequent SHIB token burns and is one of the largest SHIB burners, announced on Twitter on Tuesday that they have destroyed 370,744,259 Shiba Inu worth about $9,400 so far this month.

The @317 key account informed its fans that there are still six days remaining in the month and that it intends to burn more SHIB.

The corporation has destroyed a total of 773+ million tokens, according to the bio part of the Twitter website. The company intends to engage not only SHIB holders in its burning campaigns through games but also gamers from outside the community to help burn SHIB as well.

Advertising money is used to purchase tokens, which are then moved to dead wallets, lowering the amount of SHIB in circulation.

New data available!$9365 so far this month, and still 6 full days left! for detailsKeep hitting those #1levelchallenges team, and also, share these games, not just to the SHIB community but to the world as a whole.Facebook, Twitter, Insta, Youtube — Accomplished_Key_317 (@317_key) February 22, 2022

This company burned 37,707,390 SHIB tokens worth $1,000 on February 16th.

In the last 24 hours, 63.7 million dollars have been burned

Another significant SHIB burner, who not only sends Shiba Inu to unspendable wallets but also accumulates data on burns conducted by other platforms and individuals, tweeted that a total of 63,770,612 SHIB have been destroyed in the last 24 hours. Etherscan provided this information.

In the past 24 hours, there have been a total of 63,770,612 $SHIB tokens burned and 13 transactions. Visit to view the overall total of #SHIB tokens burned, circulating supply, and more. #shibarmy— Shibburn (@shibburn) February 23, 2022

Additional SHIB utility

Steven Cooper, the owner of another Shiba Inu-related burning firm, Bigger Entertainment, which sells SHIB-related apparel, NFTs, and allows for paid listening to playlists, believes that burning is a useful tool for Shiba Inus.

Cooper urges the community to avoid criticizing non-crypto businesses for embracing SHIB through partnerships and beginning to accept it for goods and services in reaction to charges that SHIB burning activities are intended to make quick cash.

According to Cooper’s tweets, Bigger Entertainment has lately been accused of the same thing, and as a result, it has stopped selling a $5 subscription to their regular burn parties, where SHIB is sent to dead addresses live on YouTube.

Cooper has pledged that in the near future, he will devise fresh and inventive ways to eliminate SHIB.

Every business / initiative, whether burning 100% or not, is an additional utility for #shib. That should be celebrated. Don’t demonize companies for partnering with shib and finding ways to give back. No matter how small. Welcome partnerships. Welcome new initiatives. #shibarmy— Steven Cooper (@iamstevencooper) February 22, 2022