Sui Foundation Grants Drive Innovation in Web3 Learning

Sui Foundation Grants Drive Innovation in Web3 Learning

Sui Foundation Grants Drive Innovation in Web3 Learning

In a game-changing move, nine innovative teams were awarded grants totaling more than $300,000 to propel their respective initiatives.

These grants are made possible by a collective fund.

The diverse projects include bootcamps, classes, gamified learning missions, developer tools, and technical workshops.

The objective of all of these endeavors is to make education and accessibility within the Sui ecosystem more accessible and efficient.

“EasyA,” also known as “Duolingo for Web3 developers,” is one of the most notable initiatives.

With this mobile application-based training, available by the end of September, learning Sui and Sui Move will be significantly simplified.

GPTutor, the company that conceived of Bucket Protocol, is developing an extension for Visual Studio Code powered by ChatGPT’s artificial intelligence.

This extension aims to enhance developers’ understanding of the code and logic used in smart contracts.

Other notable grantees include “MoveFuns DAO,” which arranges workshops in China; “Nativo Ventures,” which offers Spanish-speaking bootcamps in Central and South America; and “Patika,” which provides individualized Sui training to the Turkish developer community.

These organizations are all headquartered in China.

The Sui Foundation Grants program is still accepting applications and is looking for groups and individuals to help Sui achieve its objective of widespread Web3 adoption.

In addition, Sui Network has reached a significant milestone by establishing zkLogin, which positions the company for further expansion and innovation.

With 111 contributors from various industries, the future of Sui Network on the mainnet appears promising.

This will bring the zkLogin functionality closer to fruition and provide all participants with transparency and authentication.

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