Terra (LUNA) Team Says No Dapps Launched On Terra 2.0 

Terra team warns the community to beware of malicious proposals and says no Dapps have launched on Terra 2.0

Terra (LUNA) Team Says No Dapps Launched On Terra 2.0
LUNA Team Says No Dapps Launched On Terra 2.0

No Dapps Launched On Terra 2.0

The team from Terra said that proposals that ask people to try out its decentralized applications on the new chain are not real.

The collapse of LUNA has given bad people a lot of chances to do harm, and they continue to take advantage of the situation to hurt more people who don’t know what’s going on.

In a recent tweet, the TerraForm Labs team told its users that, contrary to what bad actors have said, it has not yet launched any decentralized application (dApp) on Terra 2.0.

Even though a lot of developers have said they want to keep building on the Terra 2.0 network if it goes live, the network hasn’t gone live yet because the community is still voting on whether or not the project will move forward.

When talking about the recent attempts by scammers to take money from investors who don’t know what’s going on.

TerraForm Labs said that since scammers can now buy LUNA at a discount, fake proposals have been made on Terra Station to try to get people to use fake dApps.

“These proposals claim to lead users to a preview of Terra 2.0 & dApps launched by us – which is not the case,” the team said.

Moves To Protect LUNA Investors

In order to keep the people of Luna safe, the team said that it had changed how visible the Terra Station proposals were.

From now on, all new proposals will be added to an “allow list,” which can be found in the Governance section of the platform.

Terra (LUNA) Team Says No Dapps Launched On Terra 2.0

The goal is not to shut down good ideas, but to protect users from scams and give them a great experience.

If you want to see all proposals, even ones that might be scams or spam, just click “Show all” on the “Governance” page of Station.

The TerraForm team ruled out raising the cost of launching new proposals on their platform, which can take up to seven days.