Starknet Cairo 2.3.0: Empowering Smart Contracts

This update introduces additional functions, storage capacities, and event management, enhancing the capabilities of smart contracts.

Starknet Cairo 2.3.0: Empowering Smart Contracts
Starknet Cairo 2.3.0: Empowering Smart Contracts

The release of Starknet Cairo version 2.3.0 represents a significant advancement in the modularization of contracts.

It enhances the capabilities of smart contracts by including additional functions, storage capacities, and event management.

Components provide a dynamic technique for attaining extension, which enables third-party modules to extend contract capabilities. Components can also be utilized for backward compatibility.

Cairo, the programming language used to construct STARK-provable programs for general computation, is the engine that powers Starknet and StarkEx, which enable scaling applications on Ethereum’s mainnet.

Notable is its crucial role in supporting applications such as dYdX, Sorare, Immutable X, and others.

The development of Cairo has been nothing short of extraordinary, with the number of full-time developers increasing by 875% over the previous two years and by 83% annually.

This growth has occurred even though Cairo has experienced nothing short of extraordinary change.

As evidenced by its expansion, which demonstrates Cairo’s versatility, Cairo’s applications extend beyond blockchain, finding utility anywhere verification of computation is required.

Consequently, Cairo’s adoption among developers is poised for further expansion.

Additionally, Starknet has announced ambitious plans for the fourth quarter of 2023, which include extensive enhancements to the company’s Feeder gateway.

This decision was made with future considerations in mind.

These developments can potentially maintain Starknet’s position at the forefront of Ethereum’s ever-evolving ecosystem, further solidifying the company’s stature as a significant participant in blockchain development.