Victoria’s Secret and Maybelline files for NFT and metaverse-related trademark

Just like other popular companies, Victoria’s Secret and Maybelline have filed for NFT as well as a metaverse-related trademark. 

Victoria’s Secret and Maybelline files for NFT and metaverse-related trademark

Mike Kondoudis, a trademark attorney disclosed via tweets today that Victoria’s Secret and Maybelline are filling for NFT/Metaverse-related trademarks.

It’s pertinent for businesses to protect their intellectual property, however, goes beyond just protecting your property, it should be protected by appropriately registered Intellectual Property Rights. Protecting the intellectual rights of a business should be a top priority for every business owner, hence the reason behind Victoria’s Secret and Maybelline’s announcement.

Intellectual Property Rights

The launch of new technology or innovation should be backed by the acquisition of Intellectual Property Rights. These new technologies or innovations should be protected as a “patent.” Take note however that new products evolving from a new invention will oftentimes be commercialized under a unique name, one that can be protected as a trademark.

In a bid to also protect its Intellectual Property Rights, American beauty retailer Victoria’s Secret and Maybelline have followed the same path as industry big names including Walmart, Nike, Adidas, etc to apply for NFT/Metaverse-related trademarks. 

Victoria’s Secret’s PINK brand is coming to the Metaverse!New trademark applications filed on Feb. 8 indicate @VictoriasSecret plans to offer digital collectibles and media created with blockchain tech under its PINK brand#NFTs #metaverse #web3 — Mike Kondoudis (@KondoudisLaw) February 13, 2022

As stated in the four trademark applications submitted by Victoria’s Secret to the United State’s Patent and Trademark Office, they have the intentions to provide retail store services including “namely goods, virtual goods and undergarments, headgear, bags, footwear etc and the second offering being digital collectibles.

Following on the same track, Maybelline, a US-based subsidiary of Victoria’s Secret has also filed for NFT/Metaverse-related applications. Maybelline’s application noted that they will create and host online communities for metaverses, NFTs and digital assets.

MAYBELLINE mascara is coming to the Metaverse. A new application filed on the 9th says that @LOrealUSA has plans for a metaverse community and to sell digital and crypto-assets under its @Maybelline brand.#metaverse #web3 #NFts #nftcommunity — Mike Kondoudis (@KondoudisLaw) February 14, 2022

A majority of the companies that have already filed for NFT/related trademarks have upped their efforts to foster their businesses in the fast-growing industry. Just recently, McDonald’s also sent out several applications aimed at acquiring Metaverse-related “virtual restaurants” as well as virtual delivery of goods.