Whitepay Claims To Raise And Distribute 2 Million USDT To Ukrainians

The new crowdfunding platform, with a primary goal towards raising funds for Ukrainians and Ukraine military, claimed to raise 2 million of the stablecoin tether.
Whitepay Claims To Raise And Distribute 2 Million USDT To Ukrainians
Whitepay claims to have raised 2 million USDT for Ukrainians.

Crypto Donations To Ukrainians

Whitepay, a crowdfunding platform that helps Ukrainian civilians and military personnel, recently announced that it has raised $200,000 USDT. According to a tweet from the fund on March 6, some USDT has been transferred to the Ukrainian Army for medical purposes. Some of the monies were given to a humanitarian fund that supports the volunteers.

Whitepay, which was formed by Whitebit, an Estonian cryptocurrency exchange, and Gleb Udovychenko, a Ukrainian fintech and crypto entrepreneur, came as some reports claimed Ukraine had received $50 million in cryptocurrencies in only one week. The appeal was announced as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and bombing of civilian targets intensified.

Udovychenko, who is also the CEO of Whitepay, said the Ukrainians will continue until Russian forces leave the country in a Telegram message after Whitepay tweeted about their donation. He expressed himself as follows:

“Yes, I’m in Ukraine. Yes, it’s a real war here. People are fighting on the streets and are supporting each other. Our military and territorial defence will fight until all Russian invaders have left our country.”

In addition to requesting cryptocurrency donations on behalf of Ukrainian military forces, Whitepay announced in another tweet that it is raising funds to assist the Ukrainian Ministry of Healthcare as well as people harmed by the conflict.