zkSync Network Recovers After Christmas Day Outage

zkSync Network Recovers After Christmas Day Outage

zkSync Network Recovers After Christmas Day Outage

The developers of the zkSync network received an unwanted Christmas present on December 25th. The team announced on Christmas Day that the network had gone offline, prompting them to conduct an “inspection” during the holiday season to determine the cause of the issue.

After around five hours, the team reported that zkSync was once again operational and ready for use. The zkSync team sent an announcement on X (formerly known as Twitter) at 7:36 am UTC, noting the network’s current network issues.

They asserted that they were “actively addressing the situation” and that they were “committed” to bringing it back and making it available online. The team sent another message at 10:52 am UTC, reporting that they had fixed the problem. The article stated that a bug in the server triggered one of the network’s automated safety protocols.

Furthermore, the notice described the network as “fully operational.” The notice stated that the crash had taken place around 5:50 UTC, which indicates that zkSync had been unavailable for roughly five hours. Several instances of shutdowns and failures that have affected blockchain networks have taken place throughout the year 2023.

When a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack occurred in January, Solana experienced a four-hour outage as a result of the attack. A fault developed during a hard fork in March caused Polygon to be down for more than eleven hours throughout that month.

Additionally, on December 15th, a significant surge in the minting of inscriptions caused Ethereum layer-2 Abitrum to remain offline for 78 minutes.

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