Zokyo Clears IOTA’s EVM L2 for Launch

Zokyo Clears IOTA's EVM L2 for Launch

Zokyo Clears IOTA’s EVM L2 for Launch

This achievement has been officially announced by IOTA and verified by Zokyo, with the latter praising the project’s success.

IOTA was granted clearance by Zokyo after the conclusion of the audit procedure. This relates to its EVM L2, which is anticipated to be released shortly. The advancement has been officially announced by IOTA and verified by Zokyo.

This signifies the culmination of the last and most vital stage in readiness for the launch. Zokyo referred to this in its announcement as a “triple success,” adding that the IOTA report received a pristine score of one hundred.

Now, IOTA’s Tangle technology endeavors to fortify global protocols to support a secure, interconnected future. Community members have praised the team for their outstanding effort and hailed this as fantastic news.

IOTA recently disclosed that the UAE Ministry of Economy provides financial backing for its $10 million fund.

Presently, it anticipates contributing to the local and global ecosystems by introducing cutting-edge technologies that facilitate commerce and infrastructure on demand.

The UAE government extended its assistance after IOTA declared its intention to establish IOTA Grants, which aim to support innovators and creators worldwide.

In addition to bolstering IOTA’s standing in all conceivable regions, this development aids the UAE in establishing itself as a worldwide center for innovation, with a particular emphasis on the Web3 domain.

Grants from the IOTA are intended to support innovative concepts that can illuminate the future but cannot launch or maintain operations for more substantial expansion due to a lack of financial resources.

IOTA Grants bolster the progress of Web3-compliant project development to ensure that all worthy concepts ultimately find realization. It will serve as a pilot program, assisting IOTA in generating interest in the idea before implementing it as a standard extension.

The three primary areas of emphasis for IOTA Grants are events, research, open-source development, and education. To be eligible for IOTA Grants, innovators must apply and attend an interview conducted by the IOTA Grant Committee.

The purpose is to undergo an assessment by the members before receiving financial assistance.

The development occurred one week after the IOTA Kickstarter governance gave Shimmer and IOTA votes. For optimal impact, participants were only required to retain their tokens in voting until the conclusion of the counting period.

Zokyo’s Emphasis on Security Risks

In the past, Zokyo has emphasized the risks associated with JSON injection in NFT metadata. It addressed two topics: how Web2 vulnerabilities are exploited by adversaries in Web3 and user protection strategies for assets.

The endorsement of IOTA’s EVM L2 grants the organization authorization to advance its endeavor toward a complete deployment. IOTA has recognized that this is the final and most critical phase of the launch.

Consequently, the community may acquire IOTA EVM shortly. Zokyo announced the development, describing it as a “triple triumph” and adding that IOTA can now provide security to global protocols in preparation for a connected future.

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