Ankr Launches Neura for Blockchain

Ankr Launches Neura for Blockchain

Ankr Launches Neura for Blockchain

Ankr, a blockchain infrastructure company has unveiled its latest product, Neura, an AI platform addressing key industry challenges.

Ankr, a company that provides services related to blockchain infrastructure, has introduced a new artificial intelligence product, joining the ranks of pioneers in artificial intelligence.

Ankr Neura AI to Help Startups

Ankr has achieved a significant milestone by announcing the upcoming launch of the Neura product. This announcement comes at a time when more blockchain companies are entering the ecosystem from the beginning.

The Neura platform is a pioneering platform that addresses the fundamental difficulties faced by companies in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Integrating decentralized GPU resources, cryptocurrency-based crowdfunding, and on-chain artificial intelligence activities is necessary for the platform to work correctly.

Every one of these characteristics is essential for bringing about a revolution in the deployment, training, and operation of artificial intelligence models using blockchain technology.

Compared to its competitors, Ankr Neura AI stands out because it resolves three significant problems associated with Starboard. In addition to addressing the enormous effort of acquiring funds, this platform also addresses the difficulty of high demand for GPU resources as well as challenges related to data management.

One of its notable characteristics is a blockchain protocol that can create a decentralized market for graphics processing unit (GPU) technology.

AI models can access a pool of computational talent that is available on demand and also have the opportunity to make use of a decentralized data storage system, thanks to this platform.

Additionally, they can gain access to well-streamlined artificial intelligence access, asset management, and operational operations, among other things, by utilizing innovative contracts that are given by the blockchain that is responsible for the underlying system.

One platform that exemplifies the combination of blockchain technology with artificial intelligence is Ankr Neura AI, which is worthy of mention.

Just a few days ago, Internet Computer established the world’s first blockchain-based artificial intelligence in the form of a smart contract, breaking a record.

Dominic Williams, the Chief Scientist and CEO of the company, stated in a statement that the new product is “a demonstration of artificial intelligence running on blockchain as a smart contract.”

In general, artificial intelligence has spread across a wide range of areas, including blockchain, sports, entertainment, and much more. OpenAI, a well-known artificial intelligence company, introduced Sora, a breakthrough tool capable of producing films based on textual descriptions, earlier this year.

At the moment, the company is making an effort to convince Hollywood directors and producers to buy into the video-generating tool that they are offering.

Additionally, there is Devin from Cognition Labs, which is the world’s first artificial intelligence software engineer and can train other large language models (LLMs).

ANKR cryptocurrency, on the other hand, has shown an excellent response to the announcement of introducing the Ankr Neura AI platform.

With a 15% increase in value over the past twenty-four hours, the cryptocurrency is currently trading at $0.0559. 

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