BlockGames Raises $6 Million for Player Data System

BlockGames Raises $6 Million for Players Data System

BlockGames Raises $6 Million for Players Data System

BlockGames, in collaboration with investors like Newman Group and Cypher Capital, has secured a $6 million fundraising round.

Along with Newman Group, Cypher Capital, 32-Bit Ventures, and Sfermion Capital, decentralized player data attribution system BlockGames has announced a $6 million fundraising round.

Many Web3 firms and venture funds were involved in the funding as well. These included Cumberland, Maven Capital, Based VC, Devmons, Estoty, Aquanow Ventures, Founderheads, 432 VC, and Presto Labs.

Several prominent figures from the blockchain gaming and technology industries, such as SkyMavis co-founder Jiho, Sebastien Borget of The SandBox, Brett Beller of Drizly and Coinbase, and Luke Wagman of CoinMarketCap, joined the round as angel investors.

With the goal of improving user privacy on gaming platforms and making it easier for games to onboard new players, BlockGames is tackling this obstacle head-on. The business’s new idea, Universal Player Profiles, aims to make it easier for games to onboard individuals to their platforms while also empowering gamers, according to the company.

Over 200 mobile games from top publishers have joined the platform, and the number of active “Universal Player Profiles” through the trademark app “Rewarded Play” has already topped 800,000, according to the release.

BlockGames has stated that it is on a mission to create a profile attribution platform that would enable players to become stakeholders in gaming projects rather than just participants.

To reimagine the interaction between users and apps, BlockGames is building a massive player network that is linked to its protocol. BlockGames stated in a Medium blog post that this ecosystem guarantees players not only compensation for their contributions but also active involvement in shaping the future of gaming.

The Universal Player Profiles let users consolidate their on-chain actions, social standing, and gaming achievements into a single profile. The business wrote that this novel strategy incentivizes players to engage in games and provides developers with vital data insights.

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