BullPerks, MultiversX Team Up to Boost Blockchain Ecosystem

BullPerks, MultiversX Team Up to Boost Blockchain Ecosystem

BullPerks, MultiversX Team Up to Boost Blockchain Ecosystem

BullPerks and MultiversX have formed a partnership to strengthen the MultiversX ecosystem.

Venture financing firm BullPerks and multichain launchpad teamed up with distributed blockchain network MultiversX. We are working on strengthening and prolonging the MultiversX ecosystem.

Participation in early-stage Web3 investments is one way BullPerks encourages community involvement. With a track record of raising $15 million for over 65 initiatives, BullPerks has achieved an outstanding return on investment (ROI) of 37.61x. To top it all off, the platform is highly versatile and attractive to investors thanks to its connectivity with 23 other blockchains.

Through a joint venture, MultiversX projects will have access to the BullPerks network of venture capitalists. The MultiversX Foundation is offering financial support to promising ecosystem initiatives so that they can launch on BullPerks. This group, responsible for the development of MultiversX, will assist in meeting the requirements for selection and vetting.

Daniel Serb, Head of Business Development at MultiversX, stated, “The partnership with BullPerks will further expand our reach, enabling an increasing number of users to draw value from those who build on top of our infrastructure.”

The New MultiversX Blockchain Node Service on Google Cloud Expands Developer Access

The goal of MultiversX, a scalable smart contract platform, is to encourage the development of a cryptocurrency and decentralized app ecosystem. In order to accomplish this, MultiversX employs a secure Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism and adaptive state sharding, which divide the blockchain’s infrastructure to enable additional transactions and applications.

With the recent launch of their blockchain node service on Google Cloud, MultiversX has made it easier for developers to integrate their products with the MultiversX network and carry out user-requested operations like reading and data input. The cloud services marketplace provider will provide a simpler deployment method that enables the rapid establishment of monitoring nodes without the need for snapshots.

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