Call of Duty Cheaters Targeted by Crypto-Draining Malware

Call of Duty Cheaters Targeted by Crypto-Draining Malware

Call of Duty Cheaters Targeted by Crypto-Draining Malware

Some affected Call of Duty users were not cheaters but employed software for controller enhancements or VPNs.

Reportedly, crypto-draining malware that has compromised the information of over 4.9 million accounts targets Call of Duty cheaters who obtain the game’s software.

Phantom Overlay, a provider of Call of Duty cheats, was alerted to the malware campaign this week when users began to make unauthorized purchases.

Call of Duty Cheating Epidemic

Phantom Overlay provides Call of Duty players with a marketplace to purchase cheats, including aimbots and player detection behind barriers.

Malware sleuth VX Underground has learned that an unidentified entity is stealing the credentials of offenders using malware before publishing them online.

Additionally, crypto-draining malware capable of obtaining Bitcoin from Electrum wallets has been installed on users’ devices.

The majority of users who comment on VX’s news are delighted by the misfortune of scammers. “The magnitude of the impact is so great,” according to VX, which asserts that video game company Activision Blizzard is collaborating with exploit providers to assist users infected with the malware. “This is an odd turn of events.”

VX reports that in total, 4,915,372 accounts have been compromised, including those of an estimated 3,662,627 Battlenet users, 561,183 Activision users, 117,366 Elitepvpers, 572,831 UnknownCheats, and 1,365 Phantom Overlay users.

Elitepvpers, a gaming forum, reportedly received a notification from Phantom Overlay that more than 40,000 of its accounts had been compromised.

VX Underground asserts that the quantity of cryptocurrency pilfered and the methods used to transmit the malware are unknown.

Additionally, VX clarified that not every compromised account belonged to an imposter, adding that some affected users employed software to enhance controllers or utilize VPNs.

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