COTI Collaborates with Civic to Boost Data Privacy

COTI Collaborates with Civic to Boost Data Privacy

COTI Collaborates with Civic to Boost Data Privacy

COTI and Civic have joined forces to enhance data safety and anonymity for Civic users.

In order to improve data safety and anonymity for Civic users, COTI collaborated with Web3 identity management tool vendor Civic to implement a confidentiality layer on the Ethereum blockchain. Civic will utilize the confidentiality layer of COTI V2 as part of the partnership to enhance the Dynamic Decentralized Identity (DID) service.

COTI is an Ethereum-based and Garbled Circuits-based solution for public blockchain data security that complies with all applicable regulations. 

The secrecy layer of V2 allows for secure encryption of data during verification and computation processes.

In order to make DID work, it uses garbled circuits to make it more private. Features like complex calculations and private data sharing are available here. 

Civic’s Civic Pass, a verified credential and non-transferable token that stays in the user’s wallet, powers the DIDs. In order to meet regulatory requirements, including KYC and anti-money laundering (AML) standards, Civic Pass can be used as an input. 

In addition, Civic will work as a design partner with them and integrate with it at every step of development, from devnet to testnet and mainnet.

Web3 users’ data privacy is improved by Civic and COTI when they use DApps

Through an on-chain representation of their reusable identity, Civic allows individuals to privately manage their identities across numerous blockchain networks. To help their business customers securely provide access to their on-chain assets, the company’s flagship product, Civic Pass, is an integrated permissioning solution.

The CEO Shahaf Bar-Geffen expressed his excitement over the integration of COTI V2’s confidentiality layer into Civic’s platform. Civic is at the forefront of Web3 identity management solutions, and COTI will keep partnering with market leaders like them. “We are excited to collaborate with Civic’s expert team to launch Dynamic DID into full production,” he continued. 

While interacting with dApps and investigating Web3 use cases, consumers can rest certain of their data. Digital applications will be able to interact with Civic’s digital identities and gain precise insights without exposing sensitive data thanks to COTI V2, which can handle an improved version of users’ DID.

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