DAO Maker’s creator creates Logan Paul’s game

Logan Paul vowed to sue Coffeezilla for defamation after Coffeezilla's video called Paul's CryptoZoo project a "scam."

DAO Maker's creator creates Logan Paul's game

Degen Zoo, a non-fungible token game inspired by YouTuber Logan Paul’s contentious Crypto Zoo concept, has received registrations from over 115,000 wallets with commitments of over $700 million.

Christoph Zaknun, the founder of DAO Maker, accepted the task of creating his own copy of the abandoned zoo-themed game in under 30 days.

Logan Paul introduced the Crypto Zoo concept in August 2021, which entailed the purchase of nonfungible token eggs that would reportedly hatch into animals, letting owners generate passive income through zoo tokens.

According to reports, the initiative earned more than $3 million in NFT sales and tens of millions in zoo token sales.

Unfortunately, the endeavor failed to perform as promised, leaving many participants with the impression that the influencer had duped them.

Christoph Zaknun’s “Degen Zoo” game replicates the influence of capitalism on animal extinction, containing a deflationary currency and an NFT collection of 120 endangered species.

The game was inspired by Paul’s Crypto Zoo game, which critics have termed a “scam.”

Players are to “kill” their NFT, pushing the collection to extinction and bringing attention to the devastation that human greed has on nature.

Zaknun has vowed to donate the entirety of Degen Zoo’s income to charity.

The decision by Zaknun to broadcast daily updates of his work has piqued the curiosity of over 250,000 individuals, with over 30,000 testnet transactions initiated by 3,000 participants within days of the initial testnet release.

After allegations that he had done nothing for a year after soliciting funds for his own Crypto Zoo project, Logan Paul allegedly published a video in which he asserted that Christoph Zaknun had no authority to set the needed development timeframe.

Two months ago, Coffeezilla, a self-proclaimed “internet investigator uncovering frauds,” issued a series of exposés examining and exposing the nonexistent NFT project of Logan Paul.

Investors in the game claimed to have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars on YouTube videos.

After the publication of Coffeezilla’s film, Logan Paul threatened to sue Coffeezilla for defamation, claiming that Paul’s CryptoZoo nonfungible token project was a “scam.”

Nevertheless, shortly thereafter, Paul withdrew his reaction video directed at Coffeezilla, issued an apology, and pledged to abandon his threats to file a defamation lawsuit over the videos, stating:

“It was rash and misaligned with the trust issue at hand, so I called him today and apologized.”

Last month, Logan Paul and CryptoZoo were reportedly served with a complaint alleging that the YouTube influencers’ “fraudulent business” engaged in a “rug pull.”

The class-action lawsuit accuses Paul and officials of Crypto Zoo of stealing bitcoin worth millions of dollars from consumers through a fraudulent operation.

Don Holland, the plaintiff, filed the case on February 2 in the Western District of Texas, stating that Paul and Crypto Zoo officials offered exclusive access to crypto assets and others perks but instead fled with the cash.