Doge Price Surges 8% with GigaWallet Launch

Doge Price Surges 8% with GigaWallet Launch

Doge Price Surges 8% with GigaWallet Launch

The positive market sentiment, coupled with the launch of GigaWallet, drove an 8% increase in DOGE price.

Recently, Dogecoin (DOGE), which is the cryptocurrency with the highest market cap, has been accumulating considerable gains and has even surpassed Cardano (ADA).

The overall optimistic feeling in the market, as well as the debut of GigaWallet, contributed to the 8% increase in the price of Dogecoin that occurred today.

Doge Launches GigaWallet

Additionally, we anticipate the debut of it’s GigaWallet to enhance the utility of the cryptocurrency and boost it’s price gains.

Introducing a robust system for managing payments is a crucial milestone for the cryptocurrency, and the release of GigaWallet 1.0 marks the beginning of this process.

This results from the hard work and dedication of Raffecat and the other individuals who contributed. GigaWallet has undergone significant upgrades, including the addition of essential functionality like numerous pay-to addresses, fee deduction logic for payments, and improved error handling.

Notably, the incorporation of Core Estimates for fee calculation contributes to an additional improvement in the consistency and effectiveness of transactions.

In addition, the release extends a warm welcome to new contributors, particularly H7-25, who made their first contribution. This highlights the growing community engagement and collaboration spirit within the ecosystem.

GigaWallet falls under the category of backend services that offer an application programming interface (API) for integration with various platforms, including social media platforms, online businesses, and exchanges.

In addition, it provides a streamlined method for the automated manipulation of the memecoin transactions. Early adopters already utilizing the platform to build new solutions demonstrate the enthusiasm and potential for broader adoption of the memecoin.

In addition, the Dogecoin Foundation is looking forward to the inclusion of further DOGE supporters on the list. On Tuesday, March 26, the price of of the memecoin increased by 8.02% to $0.1857 at the time of this publication.

The meme coin owned a market capitalization of $26.8 billion throughout this time. In addition, the 24-hour transaction volume for the memecoin increased by 25.75%, reaching $3.13 billion today.

Dogecoin, on the other hand, was getting ready for a price collapse as long-term holders began liquidating their holdings to make profits.

Coinglass reports that out of the seven and a half million dollars liquidated that day, over five million long liquidations took place in the past 24 hours. 

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