Gunzilla Games Secures $30 Million Investment for ‘Off Grid’

Gunzilla Games Secures $30 Million Investment for 'Off Grid'

Gunzilla Games Secures $30 Million Investment for ‘Off Grid’

Gunzilla Games, a developer behind PlayStation titles, has secured a $30 million investment led by Avalanche’s Blizzard Fund and CoinFund.

Play Station developer Gunzilla Games has announced a $30 million investment round, with Avalanche’s Blizzard Fund and CoinFund serving as the lead investors. Republic Capital and Morningstar Ventures led the $10 million strategic token round, and Gunzilla Games also announced “previously unreported equity and validator sales” in a statement.

The business will reportedly put the money toward finishing up its next free-to-play battle game, “Off the Grid,” as soon as possible. With the help of its on-chain marketplace, Gunzilla and other AAA games will soon be able to accept non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as payment for virtual goods. 

“With the forthcoming launch of ‘Off the Grid’ and GUNZ to the public, we are not just advancing towards a new horizon in AAA gaming but also establishing a new standard in the blockchain space,” stated Vlad Korolov, co-founder and CEO of Gunzilla Games, in a statement to comment on the announcement.

One of the problems that some Web3 firms have had is creating blockchain games that have the same gameplay as AAA games. Gunzilla intends to fix this. “Off the Grid” is the company’s first cryptocurrency game, and it’s a third-person shooter that uses the innovative idea of player-driven in-game economy and full asset ownership.

On top of PC, the game will also be available on Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox.

Evan Feng, director of research and partner at CoinFund, made the following comment on his firm’s fundraising efforts: “The gap between traditional and on-chain games is rapidly closing and will invert as game developers choose to leverage the full power of blockchain technology.”

“‘Off the Grid’ fully dissolves tricky web3 elements like complex wallets and NFT acquisition into the natural gameplay, giving everyday console gamers a blockchain gaming experience without necessarily realizing they’re having one,” commented Lydia Chiu, head of Blizzard Fund and executive at Ava Labs.

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