“I Hold Bitcoin” – Ripple Co-Founder Debunks BTC Ban Proposal 

Chris Larsen, the co-founder of Ripple debunks the BTC ban proposal claim and recently stated that Bitcoin (BTC) should adopt a low-energy validation technique.
"I Hold Bitcoin" - Ripple Co-Founder Debunks BTC Ban Proposal 

He stated in an interview that he has teamed up with Greenpeace to launch a $5 million campaign called “Change the Code, Not the Climate. However, Ohio’s Republican U.S. Rep. Warren Davidson thinks Larsen is attempting to ban Bitcoin.

Larsen made a $90 million investment over 1.5 years. In a Twitter thread, Davidson claimed that Ripple’s co-founder targeted BTC’s Proof-of-Work to prevent the world’s largest cryptocurrency from existing. Larsen, on the other hand, clarified that this is exactly what he is asking for. He also stated that he owns Bitcoin and wishes for it to succeed in the future.

Larsen added that Ethereum is set to have a huge update and that BTC will be the energy outlier. Big institutions and Generation Z (GenZ) are focused on climate commitments. He feels that switching the code to a low-energy validation approach will strengthen the BTC in the long run.

Ripple’s co-founder revealed that he invested $90 million over 1.5 years to research ways to counter climate change. He believes, however, that evolving toward a low-energy consensus process will be the best option.

Ripple’s co-founder said, “I want BTC and ETH to succeed.” 

Larsen stated in another comment that they need short-term solutions to remedy this because Bitcoin is and will continue to be extremely vital to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. He further stated that these are his alone efforts as Ripple is not a part of this campaign.

Bitcoiners – I know many of you may not believe this, but I’m not trying to work against you here, wrote Chris Larsen

In an interview with Bloomberg, Ripple’s Co-founder stated that BTC will consume as much power as Japan in the next five years. The $5 million campaign will make it easier for the Bitcoin community to select less energy-intensive options. Larsen stated that he wants Bitcoin and Ethereum to be successful.

Ethereum, the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency, is, on the other hand, preparing for a major software update. According to the report, ETH’s switching to Proof of Stake will reduce its energy consumption by 99 percent.