Injective Protocol Launches inEVM on Mainnet

Injective Protocol Launches inEVM on Mainnet

Injective Protocol Launches inEVM on Mainnet

Injective protocol has launched inEVM for the true composability across Cosmos and Solana, aiming to aid Ethereum developers.

Injective protocol announced the launch of inEVM, marketed as the first Ethereum Virtual Machine rollup capable of achieving true composability across Cosmos and Solana.

This corresponds with injective protocol’s plan to develop a network of “Electro Chains,” which can potentially increase its Layer-2 ecosystem while improving blockchains’ interoperability.

Injective Protocol Launched inEVM for Developer Comfort

An article published on X states that the injective inEVM protocol was developed to assist Ethereum developers in developing decentralized applications (DApps) that are renowned for their high speed and low cost, with almost nonexistent fees.

Completing this task would coordinate the achievement of composability between WebAssembly (WASM) and EVM. Injective protocol considers itself to be among the Layer-1 blockchains that are expanding at the quickest rate in the industry.

As the company expanded and onboarded new developers, they frequently requested an EVM infrastructure. In addition to the development opportunities presented by these requests, it also required bringing on board native Ethereum developers who were already familiar with the language and other tools.

Several companies, including Hyperlane, LayerZero Labs, and the modular blockchain platform Caldera, collaborated to develop injective inertial measuring devices to address this concern.

In contrast to Hyperlane and LayerZero Labs, both interoperability protocols, Caldera is the rollup supplier. Pyth Network will be the Oracle provider, while Celestia will provide the Data Availability (DA) layer for the rollout.

Providing developers with an experience that is unmatched in the process of designing decentralized applications is the overarching objective of the Injective inEVM project.

Therefore, we decided to merge the enhancements provided by these collaborators with Injective’s inherent plug-and-play modules. Several other blockchains had already adopted the EVM innovation before introducing the mainnet for injective inEVM.

Immutable zkEVM is a platform that provides developers with EVM compatibility, high scalability, and low transaction costs. QuickNode, a blockchain infrastructure platform launched it.

This platform is one of the most recent releases. There is also the possibility that Conflux Network will offer an EVM-compatible Bitcoin Layer 2 solution by May 2024.

As a result of this shift in top protocols toward EVM, there is a growing interest in the technology and its ability to make developers’ operations more frictionless.

There is a possibility that the news of Injective inEVM has had a good impact on the price of its cryptocurrency, as it has experienced a rise of almost 12% in the past 24 hours.

At the time of writing this article, INJ was priced at $43.26, and it remains one of the few altcoins performing well despite the market’s overall consolidation.

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