Logan Paul Defends CryptoZoo in New Documentary

Logan Paul Defends CryptoZoo in New Documentary

Logan Paul Defends CryptoZoo in New Documentary

In a documentary titled “5 Months with Logan Paul,” YouTuber Logan Paul defended the controversial CryptoZoo project.

The controversial CryptoZoo project, which resulted in many investors losing their money, has been defended by YouTuber Logan Paul as not being a fraudulent scheme.

Logan Paul Defends CryptoZoo

Journalist Graham Bensinger interviewed Logan Paul for his perspective on the CryptoZoo nonfungible token (NFT) game project. The documentary “5 Months with Logan Paul” featured the interview.

Bensinger reiterated the idea that Paul’s publicity “led people to lose money.” The two individuals engaged in a discussion about the various allegations made against the internet celebrity.

In his admission, Paul acknowledged that the statement contained a certain degree of truth. This YouTuber, on the other hand, contended that it was not a hoax.

“Everything you just said has an element of truth to it. Here’s the problem. What you just described isn’t a scam. I took on a project that I was simply incapable of handling at the time.”

Logan Paul Defends CryptoZoo in New Documentary
Logan Paul answering questions about CryptoZoo. Source: YouTube

Paul continued by saying that he, too, had suffered financial losses due to the initiative, which seemed to imply that he was also a victim. I didn’t make any money, bro. I didn’t make any money. When it comes to this, I’ve lost half a million bucks. “Where exactly is the con?”

As a result of the CryptoZoo project, the YouTuber admitted in the documentary that he has at times entertained ideas of ending his own life. “For the very first time in my life, I found myself contemplating thoughts of ending my own life. “I was just going in circles,” he explained.

In addition to making efforts to refute claims, Paul stated in the documentary that he is going to “take care” of the individuals who have made CryptoZoo appear to be a fraud that he has been responsible for perpetuating.

“The CryptoZoo saga is far from over because it was a one-sided story. He [Coffeezilla] told it how he wanted to tell it and told it a certain way that made me look like the captain of the ship.”

He stated that this is not the first time that Paul has asserted his intention to take action against individuals who have reported on CryptoZoo.

In January 2023, Paul made a threat to pursue legal action against Stephen Findeisen, a YouTube journalist who is also known as Coffeezilla. Paul issued this threat following Findeisen’s publication of an article about the project.

Despite this, Paul instantly changed his mind about the threats and immediately apologized to Findeisen a few days later. Paul presented a $1.5 million recovery plan for those affected by the unsuccessful project during the same month.

However, they didn’t implement the buyback plan until a year had passed and they filed a class-action lawsuit. Investors dissatisfied with the company brought a class-action lawsuit against CryptoZoo and Paul in February 2023.

The investors claimed that the venture had pulled a rug on them. According to the allegations made by the plaintiffs, Paul and the project misappropriated millions of dollars through the scheme, according to the plaintiffs’ allegations.

Logan Paul Defends CryptoZoo in New Documentary
Source: NAWOT

Announcing the start of the repurchase program was something that Paul did on January 5th. On the other hand, there was a catch for users to receive a refund, they had to give up any claims against the YouTuber, whether they were open or not. 

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