Mystiko Network Launches XZK Token Sale on CoinList

Mystiko Network Launches XZK Token Sale on CoinList

Mystiko Network Launches XZK Token Sale on CoinList

Mystiko Network, a Web3 privacy-oriented foundation, is offering its XZK token for community purchase on CoinList at $0.15 per unit until April 4th.

Web3 privacy-oriented foundation layer Mystiko Network (XZK) announced that the $0.15 unit pricing of its XZK token is now open for community purchase on the cryptocurrency trading platform CoinList. The sale event will end on April 4th at 17:00 UTC, and participants may only make purchases up to $3,000.

50,000,000 XZK tokens, or 5% of the total token supply, are up for grabs during the sale. XZK has a total token supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens.

According to the lockup and release timetable, a quarter, or 25%, of the tokens will become available after a 75-day period, and the remaining three-quarters, or 75%, will vest progressively over the course of a year. An exchange will launch the coin around June 18th.

Mystiko Network Raises $18 million in Seed Capital to Promote the Development of the Web3 Base Layer

As the foundation of the Web3, Mystiko Network employs auditable-zk compliance architecture and zero-knowledge proof to guarantee interoperability, scalability, and privacy. In 2023, Mystiko Network launched its V1 mainnet.

In the year since its launch, Mystiko Network V1 has enabled trade volume of more than $137 million, with over 226,000 zero-knowledge transactions coming from more than 55,000 distinct addresses on platforms like Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, and Base.

XZK is the utility and governance token on the Mystiko Network. To participate, users must stake XZK tokens. Zero-knowledge rollup miners and relayers are essential to the network’s operation. To vote on governance issues, XZK coins are also necessary.

Peak XV Partners led a $18 million seed fundraising round for the project, with additional investors including Samsung Next, Hashkey, Coinlist, and Naval Ravikant. This money will aid in further development of the idea.

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