Nelson Mandela’s Original Arrest Warrant NFT Sold For $130K

Nelson Mandela’s action-inspired NFT was sold in South Africa to fund a local heritage site.

NFTs are still being utilized for humanitarian purposes, with the most recent development coming from South Africa. For more than $130,000, an NFT of Nelson Mandela’s original arrest warrant from almost half a century ago was auctioned to establish a cultural site.

Nelson Mandela NFT Sold For $130K

Nelson Mandela’s original arrest warrant for NFT has raised $130,000 in an auction designed to fund a heritage monument that documents South Africa’s struggle for democracy.

According to Posthumous, chief executive officer of Momint, the NFT marketplace that sold the Mandela item, the proceeds from the will go to the Liliesleaf Museum Heritage Site, which acquired the original document as a donation in 2004.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Ahren described the partnership as a method to revitalize their flow and keep history alive, saying it will help the museum locations stay afloat as a result of the lack of tourism caused by the novel coronavirus.

According to him, the buyer of the NFT will have unique access to the original document at Liliesleaf Farm, now a museum, where the ink may be seen through the high-definition scan’s paper.

Last year, an NFT of a pen pistol belonging to fellow freedom fighter Oliver Tambo was auctioned for $50,000.

Nelson Mandela was a member of the African National Congress (ANC), where he rose through the ranks to become the leader of Johannesburg’s youth section and then deputy national president.

The purpose of the party was to combat white supremacy and racial segregation. After the killing of black demonstrators in 1960, Nelson helped form a paramilitary arm of the ANC to engage in guerrilla warfare.

He was first imprisoned in 1961 for treason before being freed, and then again in 1962 for leaving the country without a permit and inciting workers to strike. He was imprisoned for over 30 years before being released on February 11, 1990.