Nissan and Toyota prepare to enter the Metaverse

Japanese automakers Nissan and Toyota are looking into metaverse advancements in order to provide new experiences for their customers.
Nissan and Toyota prepare to enter the Metaverse
Nissan and Toyota prepare to enter the Metaverse

According to the source, Nissan’s primary focus is on establishing virtual reality rooms for its consumers, Toyota wants to open up new access so that interested employees can communicate with one another using their digital avatars.

“As more individuals work from home as a result of the coronavirus,” a Toyota spokesperson explained, “we are enabling youthful employees and others communication options within the organization.”

Nissan and Toyota have collaborated with VRChat, a virtual reality video game company, to bring their metaverse experiences to life. The car titans are expected to bring new showrooms, exhibitions, and other immersive experiences in addition to the major goals.

Both companies have yet to announce which of the rapidly increasing metaverse-development platforms they would collaborate with to provide their metaverse experiences to the general public.

Automakers embrace the Metaverse

As previously reported, Lamborghini announced the launch of its Non-Fungible Token (NFT) series in January, which features a material that has traveled to space. Hyundai earlier this month also launched a community-based NFT.

Other automakers, such as Mercedes Benz, and Volkswagen, have delved into the metaverse by launching campaigns to celebrate their entry into the rapidly expanding virtual realm.

Given that these worldwide businesses recognize the revolutionary nature of cryptocurrencies and the technology that powers metaverses and NFTs, many do not want to be left behind in adopting these technologies.