OpenAI ChatGPT Under Cyberattacks, Outage Lasts Hours

OpenAI, which within hours restored ChatGPT to normal operations, attributed the disruption to cyberattacks and malicious hackers.

OpenAI ChatGPT Under Cyberattacks, Outage Lasts Hours

After the significant ChatGPT disruption, OpenAI speculated that hacker cyberattacks were a possible cause.

A report indicates that OpenAI addressed the ChatGPT outage concern.

According to the most recent update from the OpenAI startup, the periodic disruptions result from an atypical traffic pattern indicative of a DDoS attack.

They are implementing countermeasures and anticipate that the cyberattack that caused the ChatGPT malfunction will be resolved shortly.

Massive ChatGPT Outage and Restoration

According to reports, ChatGPT was unavailable for both free and subscribed users on November 8 morning.

OpenAI verified in their update that the issue with Chatbot ChatGPT and API was affecting services worldwide.

However, the issue was resolved, and ChatGPT once again operated normally within a few hours.

Additionally, the OpenAI team verified their knowledge of the matter and initiated an inquiry into the malfunction that precipitated the prolonged outage and, ultimately, the significant temporary closure.

Significantly, this occurrence transpired after OpenAI’s inaugural physical gathering and is the first major outage documented by ChatGPT.

At the event that took place on November 6, OpenAI unveiled a new subscriber-created ChatGPT Chatbots.

The ChatGPT platform is set to introduce GPT-4 Turbo, an innovative feature that will grant subscribers the ability to develop customized GPT models.

OpenAI Suspects Hackers For ChatGPT Outage

The Microsoft-backed OpenAI startup stated in an official statement on their website that they detected abnormal traffic, which suggests that hackers are attempting to overwhelm their services and cause the outage.

The organization claims to have detected indications of a DDoS attack, in which external attackers repeatedly attempt to overwhelm a platform via pinging.

While the issue has been resolved and ChatGPT is now operating normally, the OpenAI team will conduct an in-depth investigation into the hacking incident to ensure that similar occurrences do not occur again.

With the intention of establishing a foothold in the AI industry, ChatGPT launched its AI services under the OpenAI venture and now has more than 180 million users.

Nevertheless, the market remains highly competitive as an increasing number of firms endeavor to enter the AI industry.

Grok, a chatbot backed by Elon Musk’s xAI startup, has recently debuted in the AI-dominant business and technology market, where competition for market share is fierce.