Reddit Co-Founder Foresees AI-Blockchain Convergence

Reddit Co-Founder Foresees AI-Blockchain Convergence

Reddit Co-Founder Foresees AI-Blockchain Convergence

Reddit co-founder suggests that blockchain technology and AI are on a path to converge and amplify each other’s capabilities.

Alexis Ohanian, one of the co-founders of Reddit, has been spreading a notion that proposes the possibility of a collision between blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI).

Reddit Co-Founder’s Thesis

The American internet entrepreneur believes that artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology are getting closer to a time when they will “collide” and then go on to reinforce each other.

Reddit Co-founder explained that his idea stems from the reciprocal relationship between these two revolutionary technologies. As Ohanian put it, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology fulfill each other’s “indisputable need.”

In addition to this, Reddit Co-founder acknowledged the transformation that artificial intelligence has brought about ever since it began to acquire popularity. “A world that will make images infinitely available” is what artificial intelligence is now “creating,” according to Alexis Ohanian.

Leading technology companies have introduced numerous innovative artificial intelligence solutions, lending credence to his assertion. Google Genie is able to construct interactive virtual worlds from a single image, and OpenAI Sora is able to create films from written descriptions.

Both of these technologies are examples of artificial intelligence. Ohanian believes that businesses will soon begin their rollout of additional tools of this type, a process that has already begun.

Originality and ownership have become increasingly difficult to achieve as a result of the proliferation of these AI tools. Imagine a world in which you are unable to rely on any single JPG that you come across.

What’s more, Reddit Co-founder added, “You can’t know if it’s real or not, if it was taken by someone who says they took it, or if it depicts something real (we’re already kind of seeing this, too).”

His perspective is that blockchain technology could offer a solution to this problem by means of inscriptions that could assist anyone in determining the genuine nature of an image or the place where it was created.

Blockchain Firms Adopting AI To Boost Growth

This will boost blockchain technology by providing another use case that is not based on speculation. Reddit Co-founder’s forward-thinking vision is pretty admirable, and a great number of businesses are already investigating the possibility of integrating blockchain technology and artificial intelligence across a variety of use cases.

Forbes predicts that the expansion of Web 3.0 will benefit from artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology. In this particular instance, the visibility of blockchain technology, along with its indecipherable data processing skills and the ability of artificial intelligence to acquire knowledge from data and make predictions, were acknowledged.

Flare Network is also investigating the possibility of combining artificial intelligence and blockchain technology in order to provide its users and consumers in other data-sensitive industries, such as healthcare, banking, and others, with services that are safer and more secure.

In an effort to increase the number of Web3 companies investigating AI solutions, In order to empower users and developers, Fetch AI has created a $100 million Fetch Compute program. This program leverages sophisticated Nvidia GPUs to foster artificial intelligence development.

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