Forbes Ventures into Web3 Metaverse

Forbes Ventures into Web3 Metaverse

Forbes Ventures into Web3 Metaverse

Forbes has established it’s presence in the Sandbox Metaverse by offering impressive experience to the public with virtual locations.

With the existence of Web3, Forbes, a business journal established in 1917, maintains a distinguished and permanent presence on the Sandbox Metaverse.

In the virtual world, the new Forbes experience is currently accessible to the general public. “Dracula’s Castle” is located to the west and “HODL Island” is a few plots north.

It is said in a news release that guests will be able to fully immerse themselves in the space’s meticulous attention to detail.

“The crafted space includes a luxurious pool, an elegant bar, and a comprehensive gallery dedicated to celebrating the 2024 Under 30 recipients. Each element of the design has been thoughtfully curated to provide an engaging, visually environment that encourages exploration and interaction.”

In addition, there are QR codes dispersed throughout the experience, which direct users on a treasure hunt to find content that is only available to them.

Forbes Ventures into Web3 Metaverse
Image source: screenshot, The Sandbox.

The Sandbox recently unlocked 209 million vested asset tokens estimated to be valued at approximately $90 million. They distributed the unlocked money among the reserves, the team and the advisers.

The unlock came simultaneously with an onslaught of other releases from Avalanche, Aptos, Optimism and Sui with a combined value of approximately $900 million. In November 2023, The Sandbox officially debuted as a commercial establishment.

At the time, he explained that “now [anyone] can open their experience to the public and  make it accessible, which will increase the amount of experience and content that people can play and discover on the platform.”

The sandbox has entered an increasingly competitive market. Companies like Surreal Events and Somnium Space have brought to life the concepts originally envisioned in pre-metaverse applications like Second Life and on the MOO/MUX/MUSH servers of the past.

This is happening while major tech companies such as Apple and Meta compete for the top spot in metaverse hardware. Today, organizations and brands are growing interested in purchasing real estate in the metaverse.

Companies like the Atlanta Braves, Ford Motor Company and Forbes occupy space in the digital worlds created by Web3.

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