Samourai Wallet Accuses Ocean Pool of Censorship

Accusations also extend to Ocean investor Jack Dorsey and Luke Dashjr, founder of Ocean and Bitcoin Core developer.

Samourai Wallet Accuses Ocean Pool of Censorship
Samourai Wallet Accuses Ocean Pool of Censorship

Since December 6, Bitcoin wallet provider Samourai Wallet has levied allegations against BTC mining pool Ocean, alleging that it censored Whirlpool CoinJoin transactions and BIP47 notification transactions.

Nevertheless, Ocean’s chief executive officer has refuted the allegations while requesting that the Bitcoin wallet provider address a software flaw. On December 7, Samourai Wallet asserted that specific Bitcoin transactions are censored per a new policy implemented by the Ocean Mining Pool.

Furthermore, the wallet provider levied allegations against Ocean investor and co-founder of Block, X (formerly Twitter), and Block, Jack Dorsey, alleging a “hostile action.”

Additionally, Samourai Wallet levied allegations against Luke Dashjr, the founder of Ocean and a developer of Bitcoin Core, alleging that he had previously censored transactions and implemented blacklists for them, and implied that this had been his intention for some time.

“This is a bug in your software, not an intentional policy on our end.”

Dashjr is accused in the most recent allegation from Samourai Wallet of limiting the OP_RETURN function to 46 bytes as opposed to the 80 bytes that were implemented in Bitcoin Core version 0.12.

Consequently, Samourai Wallet asserts that Ocean purportedly disqualifies transactions that enhance privacy and advises miners to “reassess and redirect their hash power towards an alternative pool.”

Furthermore, his questioning of the purpose of the data suggested by the wallet provider suggested that he was uncertain about the concerns raised. I have considered exploring potential workarounds; however, I am unable to locate any pertinent technical information.”

Samourai Wallet Accuses Ocean Pool of Censorship

Luke Dashjr responds to Samourai Wallet’s accusation of censoring certain Bitcoin transactions. Source: X

Avoiding responsibility, Dashjr requested that Samourai Wallet “fix it on your end.” The discourse polarized the cryptocurrency community in favor of opposing schools of thought.

While some individuals offered the wallet provider support by stating, “Even 80 bytes is 80 bytes,” others recommended that they rectify the error.

A former ASIC and iOS developer who is a member of the community stated that the new policy requiring censorship was “intentional.”

Furthermore, Nostr Wallet’s Brad Mills stated, “There is no policy in place that would censor Whirlpool or transactions that protect privacy.” While shifting the responsibility from itself, Samourai Wallet continues to accuse Dashjr of deceiving and lying to community members by urging the group, “Don’t let them get away with this.”