Sleepless AI Launchpool Heist, Cryptocurrency Scams Unveiled

The inaugural Sleepless AI project, ranking forty-second in Launchpool, is introduced, allowing users to earn AI tokens through a staking campaign.

Sleepless AI Launchpool Heist, Cryptocurrency Scams Unveiled
Sleepless AI Launchpool Heist, Cryptocurrency Scams Unveiled

Unidentified parties executed a blanket grab of the token bearing the same name in anticipation of the launch of Sleepless AI farming on the Launchpool platform, which Binance supports.

One of the addresses, according to the findings of PeckShield analysts, exchanged one billion counterfeit AI for ninety-one thousand dollars in ETH. As a consequence, the token’s value decreased by 97.5%.

A rug-draw scheme resembling the present one was executed utilizing the counterfeit FomoFi token.

After the address of the perpetrator exchanged nearly 5,3 trillion FOMO for 189,600 BSC-USD, the value of the coin continued to decline until it reached zero.

Following the exchange of a substantial quantity of NNNN tokens for 1033.8 BNB (approximately $335,900), the NebulaNode token experienced a depreciation due to an additional event.

The cultivation phase commenced on December 28 for the inaugural Sleepless AI project on Launchpool; in the end, this endeavor ranked forty-second in Launchpool.

The AI-powered Web3 gaming platform is introduced in this article. Until further notice, users can harvest AI tokens by participating in a seven-day campaign where they stake BNB, FDUSD, and TUSD in pools.

Certification specialists at Certik identified a rug pull containing counterfeit Linea tokens earlier in October. The larceny of an estimated $743,000.0 was attributable to unidentified individuals.

Victims have documented indications that the fraudulent operation might have been executed by a Russian user assuming the alias “AltLex,” who advertised the token across multiple social media platforms.