Swan Bitcoin Enters TradFi with Advisor Platform

Swan Bitcoin Enters TradFi with Advisor Platform

The new product lets advisors manage clients’ bitcoin positions and access educational content

Swan Bitcoin
Swan Bitcoin enters TradFi with Advisor platform

Swan Bitcoin, a provider of Bitcoin financial services, has announced the launch of a new product aimed squarely at the TradFi market.

On Wednesday, the company announced a new service called Swan Advisor Services, which allows financial advisers to facilitate the purchase of bitcoin on behalf of their clients.

Andrew Edstrom, Managing Director of Swan Advisor Services, shared that that the company’s newest offering allows it to cater to a wider range of institutional clients and investors.

Bitcoin has been the primary vehicle through which traditional financial institutions have entered the cryptocurrency market, but Ethereum’s impending Merge may encourage tradfi to enter the cryptocurrency market via ether-based products.

Swan solely sells bitcoin items, and according to what Edstrom told CoinDesk, the Merge is something that will help investors tell bitcoin apart from ether.

Edstrom predicted that “a very big component of the adviser sector” will come to the conclusion that bitcoin was the better investment for their clients than Ethereum or a diversified portfolio.

In anticipation of the launch of their product, Swan has already brought on five consultants.

Isaiah Douglass, partner at Vincere Wealth Management, told CoinDesk in an email that he expects institutional acceptance to occur soon and that he plans to onboard his customers to the asset.

According to Douglass, “Bitcoin is ultimately undergoing the commercialization process, and I believe it will be the choice money worldwide in my lifetime.”