Tether Expands Global AI Recruitment

Tether Expands Global AI Recruitment

Tether Expands Global AI Recruitment

Tether Operations Limited, is expanding into artificial intelligence (AI) with a global recruiting drive for top talent.

Tether Operations Limited, the blockchain and cryptocurrency firm responsible for the Tether stablecoin, has announced a global recruiting drive for “top-tier” talent for its artificial intelligence (AI) division.

This announcement comes amid a strategic expansion of the company’s focus on artificial intelligence (AI). The expanded strategic focus comes amid worries “over the monopolization of AI technologies by Big Tech.”

The Tether Data branch of the corporation has said that it is “stepping forward to champion transparency and privacy in the development of artificial intelligence models.”

In addition, they stated that the company’s strategic development into artificial intelligence would build upon its existing operations, particularly the recent investment it made in Northern Data Group. They proposed a three-pronged strategy as part of its growth and expansion plans.

“Tether plans to push the boundaries of AI technology, not only making high-performance and privacy-preserving AI technologies accessible for personal use but also setting new industry standards for innovation and utility. The investment in Northern Data Group will help Tether pursue AI projects by leveraging Northern Data’s highly advanced GPU and compute infrastructure, to address real-world challenges in a more objective and transparent way compared to what we have seen from the current leading companies. AI potential is so groundbreaking that its impact can become bigger than the internet itself.”

The first of the plan’s components is to “pioneer the development of open-source, multimodal artificial intelligence models to set new industry standards, driving innovation and accessibility within the realm of artificial intelligence technology.

Following the conclusion of the previous expansion phase, the next phase will involve spearheading collaborations to bring products and services to market and “leveraging the technology to address real-world challenges.”

In conclusion, Tether intends to actively engage with “the broader ecosystem through community contributions” to demonstrate its products and “advance the field of open AI.” The company also announced a global recruitment drive to find “top-tier” talent for the artificial intelligence section.

According to the recruitment portal for Tether Data, there are two open positions: one is for an artificial intelligence engineer, and the other is for a head of AI. Europe is the location of both places. Tether said they are currently aggressively recruiting for this new section.

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