This Top Director Leaves Ripple. Here is Why

Ripple director of developer relations, leaves the firm after more than one year
This Top Director Leaves Ripple. Here is Why
This Top Director Leaves Ripple. Here is Why

Matt Hamilton Leaves the Firm

According to a recent blog post by Matt Hamilton, Ripple’s director of developer relations, he has departed the firm.

Due to his wife’s mental health concerns, Hamilton claims that 2021 was a “bad year” for him personally.

After realizing he was “spinning too many plates,” he took a step back to focus on his family.

Hamilton joined the firm last January to work on expanding the XRP ecosystem, having previously worked for tech heavyweights IBM and HP.

He helped develop the XRP Ledger Grants program, host the RippleXDev channels on Twitch and Discord, and organize XRPL Hackathons during his very brief tenure at the business.

He has given talks at a number of technology conferences and other events.

The seasoned developer expresses his gratitude to Ripple for the “both personal and professional” support he has received from the firm.

Despite leaving his employment, Hamilton says he will continue to be involved in the XRP community.

Providing Assistance to Developers

According to a recent article by The Information, the firm aims to give out 1 billion XRP coins to developers over the next decades.

The program’s goal is to encourage the development of new projects within the XRP ecosystem.

According to CoinMarketCap data, the token is currently trading at $0.79.