Tony Edward Expects XRP to Hit $1.35

Tony Edward Expects XRP to Hit $1.35

Tony Edward Expects XRP to Hit $1.35

Despite XRP’s recent underperformance, Tony Edward believes in its potential, emphasizing its historical tendency to rally after delays.

The presenter of the Thinking Crypto Podcast, Tony Edward, has reaffirmed his conviction that XRP will surpass $1.35, speculating that an event may occur this month. 

XRP has continued to underperform during the rapidly expanding bull market, with a negative 0.8% gain over the past twenty-four hours and a cumulative seven-day performance decline. 

A noteworthy month-to-date performance for XRP is its 19% increase. However, its performance during the same period is significantly inferior to that of competitors such as Cardano (ADA) and Solana (SOL), which have gained 36% and 40%, respectively. 

Tony Edward’s Insights on XRP’s Potential

Prominent figures in the cryptocurrency community, such as Tony Edward of the Thinking Crypto Podcast, maintain a steadfast conviction regarding the imminent trajectory of XRP, notwithstanding its lackluster performance. 

Tony Edward emphasized in a recent X post that a remarkable market rally for XRP is imminent. He acknowledged that XRP has a propensity to arrive belatedly at bullion gatherings. “The shift of XRP is approaching. “It perpetually lags,” Edward remarked. 

Moreover, Edward conceded that the highly anticipated ascent of XRP to the pinnacle would not transpire without sporadic obstacles. After the consolidation concludes, XRP holders can expect a staggering expansion, according to him. 

In addition, he predicts that a substantial prelude to XRP’s bullish trajectory will occur this month.

According to his words: “Before it tears, there will be setbacks; however, be prepared when it tears. Something might occur later this month.” 

Edward’s statement expands upon his prior revelation regarding his expectation of a transient surge in the XRP market. In particular, towards the end of last month, he initiated a fresh XRP trade distinct from his long-term position in the asset. 

Altcoins such as XRP, according to Edward, are positioned to follow Bitcoin’s path to an all-time high as additional liquidity leaves the leading asset. At the time, XRP was trading at $0.55; he anticipated reaching $1.35, corresponding to a 145% outlook. 

From that point forward, XRP has only increased by 20%, reaching a peak of $0.6637 before retracing to $0.6234. 

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