TRON’s Price Trends Amidst Resistance

TRON's Price Trends Amidst Resistance

TRON’s Price Trends Amidst Resistance

Despite TRON’s price bars remaining above the 50-day SMA, fluctuation between moving average lines is expected until a breach occurs.

TRON has been declining since February 28 due to its inability to surpass the resistance level of $0.1440. As of now, the cryptocurrency is trading below its 21-day SMA. The upward trend has been halted by the $0.14 resistance level and the 21-day SMA.

TRON is anticipated to decline below the 50-day SMA or the $0.125 support level. The selling pressure may persist should the bulls succeed in breaching the moving average lines. The price of the cryptocurrency will eventually decline to $0.12. The current value of the altcoin is $0.136.

Despite breaking below the 21-day moving average line, the cryptocurrency price bars remain above the 50-day SMA. Until then, the value of the cryptocurrency will fluctuate between the moving average lines.

Anticipated Decline and Moving Average Analysis for TRON

TRON has positioned itself below the moving average lines on the four-hour chart. The altcoin depreciated to $0.134 before recovering. The altcoin’s price will probably revert to between $0.134 and $0.14.

The decline has decreased, and the altcoin is currently situated between the moving average lines—the trend of the cryptocurrency returns. As soon as the moving average lines are breached, the cryptocurrency will perform.

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