Twitter restores suspended NFTs accounts on Solana network

After previously suspending nine NFT accounts on the Solana blockchain without any official explanation, Twitter has restored the accounts back to its platform.
Twitter restores suspended NFTs accounts on Solana network
Twitter restores suspended NFTs accounts on Solana network

Nine accounts linked to the promotion of nonfungible tokens, or NFTs, on the Solana (SOL) network had their access to Twitter restricted early on Wednesday.

The change was made just in time for this Friday’s much-anticipated debut of the y00ts NFT collection, the follow-up to DeGods, the most well-liked NFT collection on Solana. Austin Federa, the Solana Foundation’s director of communications, made the following remarks shortly after the suspension:

“Hey Twitter, bring back @y00tlist; I’ve paused all Foundation adspend until they’re back. Twitter’s gotta reinstate em, or show solid cause for suspension.”

As of 12:00 EST, the aforementioned accounts have been restored and are open for access. No formal explanation was provided as to why the accounts were initially suspended or why they were quickly reactivated.

A campaign for the reinstatement of the previously suspended accounts was initiated by one user on Twitter, known as DeGods founder @frankdegods, and it received almost 20,700 likes for a single post. Federa added the following:

“You gotta draw a line in the sand somewhere — a lot of big Web 2.0 companies want to have it both ways — attract Web 3.0 creators, but still maintain control that’s unaccountable to the community.”

DeGods are a collection of 10,000 imaginatively dressed “virtual deity” souvenirs. The collection’s current floor price is 519 SOL. The enterprise is famed for its dreaded “bitch tax,” a 33.3% surcharge applied to all NFT items sold below the stated floor price.

The collection’s recent trading volume topped one million SOL. The company’s founders assert that everyone in the world, with the exception of North Korea, has a DeGod collectible.