VERTU Introduces METAVERTU2: AI Advanced SmartPhones

The fundamental principle of METAVERTU2 is the seamless integration of Web3 and blockchain technology, which has been carefully designed to provide a robust framework.

VERTU Introduces METAVERTU2, AI Advanced SmartPhones

At the recent Token2049 Singapore event, the METAVERTU 2, by Vertu, a manufacturer of luxury smartphones, was introduced to the public.

Consistent with its precursor, the initial iteration of the METAVERTU, this innovative smartphone has been designed to accommodate the inclinations of individuals drawn to blockchain technology and Web3.

The system features a decentralized operation system (DOS) and an array of advanced security measures, demonstrating its dedication to state-of-the-art technology and increased protection.

Core METAVERTU2 Features

At present, artificial intelligence (AI) stands as a captivating and extensively deliberated technology in modern-day discourse.

However, it also poses significant privacy concerns, and VERTU responds to precisely this concern.

The fundamental principle of METAVERTU2 is the seamless integration of Web3 and blockchain technology, which has been carefully designed to provide a robust framework.

Furthermore, the focal point of this technological marvel is a dual AI model system.

This contains a substantial AI model in addition to its compact counterpart.

Meanwhile, this savvy integration guarantees a smooth, harmonious connection between safeguarding privacy and enhancing the user experience.

Beyond Efficiency: Your Virtual Life Assistant

The functionalities of the AI assistant that is incorporated into METAVERTU2 transcend mere routine task management.

Operating entirely within its digital domain, it functions as an adaptable problem-solving instrument and a virtual confidant, offering support in a multitude of situations.

This AI assistant is purpose-built to streamline your life by providing relationship advice, calendar alerts for approaching birthdays, and assistance with travel planning.

Furthermore, it has the revolutionary ability to generate a virtual companion, thereby erasing the distinction between physical and digital forms of communication.

METAVERTU2’s Advanced Security

In order to implement the utmost level of security feasible, METAVERTU2 implements the METASPACE concept.

This novel improvement facilitates the authentication of various systems by employing unique biometrics.

In addition, by adopting this personalized security approach, users are granted the ability to design secure environments that are specifically tailored to their unique privacy needs.

An additional layer of security is added to METAVERTU by using a TEE+SE national-grade chip.

This supplementary component fortifies security in multiple domains, encompassing financial management, call encryption, and data storage.

By employing VBOX and KeyBOX technologies, utmost privacy protection is guaranteed, and a robust defense against potential cyber threats is provided.

METAVERTU2 Merges Technology with Elegance

METAVERTU2 is a prime example of how state-of-the-art technology and the epitome of British luxury design can be harmoniously combined.

However, featuring rare materials and powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen2 processor, it ensures performance of the highest caliber.

METAVERTU2, boasting attributes including a capacious battery and rapid charging capabilities, ensures a seamless and pleasurable user experience.

As of November 1st, the public has access to METAVERTU2. It provides a variety of models, including those crafted from opulent crocodile leather and carbon fiber.

These devices are offered for purchase at international retail establishments and on digital marketplaces, including Tmall, TikTok,, and others.