With $300M value, multichain wallet BitKeep raises $30M

The BitKeep wallet has over eight million users and supports over 250,000 currencies on 80 blockchains, according to the business.

With $300M value, multichain wallet BitKeep raises $30M

On March 22, the cryptocurrency derivatives exchange Bitget announced that it will be investing $30 million in the multichain wallet BitKeep, which has a valuation of $300 million.

Bitget will become the company’s main stakeholder, which will provide BitKeep with “access to the exchange’s proven technology and security capabilities in the exchange field,” ultimately leading to an improvement in the reliability and safety of the company’s offerings.

Gracy Chen, managing director of Bitget, made the following observation:

“Being one of the most trusted crypto exchanges with a $300 million user protection fund, we know how much security and reliability mean to cryptocurrency users and are confident that the integration of our native solutions in this domain into BitKeep’s framework will bolster its image as an attractive wallet.”

BitKeep, a multichain wallet, receives $30 million at a value of $300 million.

Moka Han, the chief operating officer of BitKeep, said the following:

“The investment deal implies not only financial but also technical support, which will be provided to us by a professional team along with the experience necessary for product growth and market expansion. We are excited about this partnership and the potential it has to provide our users.”

The Asia-Pacific region has the largest significant user base for the self-custody wallet known as BitKeep. In addition to this, the corporation maintains a large presence in a wide variety of other areas around the globe.

The capability of the wallet to carry out cross-chain exchanges of digital assets inside the software itself, which means that these transactions may take place across a variety of different blockchains, is one of its best-known features.

In addition to its ability to provide access to decentralized financial protocols and non-fungible currencies, the wallet is well-known for its capability to carry out these trades. Furthermore, it has both of these capabilities simultaneously.

According to the company that makes the BitKeep wallet, which boasts more than eight million users and the support of more than two hundred and fifty thousand currencies spread across eighty distinct blockchains, these statistics are accurate.

The company also claims that its wallet has been downloaded more than two hundred and fifty million times.

In May 2022, BitKeep completed an investment round led by Dragonfly Capital that brought in a total of $15 million at a valuation of $100 million.