ZeroGravity Raises $35M in Pre-Seed Round

ZeroGravity Raises $35M in Pre-Seed Round

ZeroGravity Raises $35M in Pre-Seed Round

ZeroGravity (0G) has raised $35 million in a pre-seed round with backing from over 40 Web3 venture firms.

Joined by over 40 Web3 venture firms—including Hack VC, Alliance, Symbolic Capital, Delphi Digital, Dao5, Gumi, OKX Ventures, GSR, DWF, Animoca, No Limit Holdings, Arca, NGC, Paramita, Foresight, Crypto Banter, Joe Takayama, Santiago Santos, and Abstract Ventures—ZeroGravity (0G) has raised $35 million in a pre-seed round.

In order to make blockchain applications scalable without compromising security, ZeroGravity (0G) is developing a modular scaling infrastructure. By decoupling operations, modular blockchains make it possible for networks to scale by letting individual systems concentrate on what they do best rather than attempting to handle everything.

Data-intensive Layer 2 networks, blockchain games, high-frequency DeFi protocols, and decentralized AI applications are just a few examples of the data-intensive on-chain applications that ZeroGravity (0G’s) platform makes easier to construct. These applications are finding more and more uses in the market.

An improved ability to scale and manage massive data flows is a result of the data availability layer, data publishing lane, and general-purpose storage layer that the organization has developed.

According to Ed Roman, Managing Partner at Hack VC, who commented on his firm’s involvement in the fundraising, 0G is seen as the leading modular data availability solution for Web3, which includes the upcoming crypto-powered AI networks. 

Surprisingly, their data availability technology outperforms Ethereum L1 by a factor of 1000 or more in terms of speed and cost. Being their partners on this journey fills us with pride, and we’re excited to watch their ecosystem flourish as they move closer to the mainnet.

The leadership team of ZeroGravity (0G) has extensive expertise in Web3, technology, and finance. Members of the team have held positions at prestigious companies such as IDEO, Microsoft, Bain & Company, Harvard Business School, and Bridgewater Associates.

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