Ark Invest Sells $69M Coinbase (COIN) Shares

Ark Invest Sells $69M Coinbase (COIN) Shares

Ark Invest Sells $69M Coinbase (COIN) Shares

ARK Invest, led by Cathie Wood sold over 270,000 shares of Coinbase (COIN) worth $69.5 million due to its strategic portfolio balancing.

Cathie Wood’s ARK Invest made a massive move in the cryptocurrency market by selling off more than 270,000 shares of Coinbase (COIN) in the hours that have passed.

At the closing price of $256.62 per share on Monday, March 11, this disposal amounted to a hefty $69.5 million in total value. ARK Invest has a strategic vision that aims to maintain a balanced portfolio across its exchange-traded funds (ETFs), with no individual holding exceeding 10% of an ETF’s value when it comes to this portfolio.

ARK Invest Strategic Move

As a result, ARK Invest goes through significant sell-offs to rebalance its holdings whenever the value of a specific asset suffers a boom. Coinbase, the cryptocurrency exchange, has experienced a tremendous rise in the value of its shares, which has increased by more than 80 percent in the last month alone.

One of the primary reasons for this jump is that the price of bitcoin (BTC) experienced an almost 50% increase within the same period.

Coinbase’s weighting across ARK’s three exchange-traded funds (ETFs) continues to be comfortably above the 10% mark, notwithstanding the substantial sell-off that ARK Invest carried out.

This indicates that there is the possibility of additional sales, particularly when considering that Bitcoin recently reached a new all-time high by reaching the $72,000 mark.

This sale was distributed among three of ARK’s most popular exchange-traded funds (ETFs), which include the Innovation ETF (ARKK), the Next Generation Internet ETF (ARKW), and the Fintech Innovation ETF (ARKF).

This sale was spread out across all three ETFs. Since February 16, when ARK Invest sold a total of $151 million worth of shares, this transaction stands out as the largest unloading of Coinbase stock that the company has done since then.

Investors have extensively monitored Coinbase’s performance following ARK Invest’s divestment moves. Coinbase’s pre-market trading is currently showing a 5.77% gain, with each share trading at $256.62.

This increase in share price reflects investor mood and reaction to the recent sell-off that ARK Invest has experienced. In addition, it reflects the general success of the cryptocurrency market, which has been prone to volatility and oscillations despite its overall profitability.

It is critical to conduct a comprehensive examination of the market’s reaction and the potential consequences for shareholders of both ARK Invest and Coinbase as the cryptocurrency market continues to undergo development.

It is essential to do this constant examination to gain a comprehensive grasp of the dynamics of the Bitcoin ecosystem and to navigate future investment strategies properly. 

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