Tether Boosts Bitcoin, USDT Payments

Tether Boosts Bitcoin, USDT Payments

Tether Boosts Bitcoin, USDT Payments

Tether recently announced a $100k grant to the BTC Pay Server Foundation, which develops open-source payment processing software for Bitcoin and USDT.

Tether, the organization that is responsible for the cryptocurrency USDT, which is pegged to the US dollar, recently issued a statement in which it claimed that it had granted a staggering $100,000 grant to the BTC Pay Server Foundation.

The BTC Pay Server Foundation is the organization that is responsible for the most well-known open-source payment processor software in the world that accepts Bitcoin and USDT payments (on liquid).

This action replicated a frenzy across the cryptocurrency sector, further highlighting the growing desire for Bitcoin payments associated with merchants today.

The abovementioned grant offered to the BTC Pay Server Foundation comes from Tether’s acknowledgment of the pivotal role FOSS (free and open-source software) plays in driving technological advancements, along with its ability to democratize access to state-of-the-art technologies for everyone.

Through this intelligent use of the award, it is looking to further fuel the development of open-source payment gateways, enabling users worldwide to have improved accessibility, efficiency, and security.

Under the same circumstances, Paolo Ardoino, the Chief Executive Officer of Tether, made the following statement: “Our grant to the BTCPay Server Foundation is a testament to Tether’s commitment to the open-source community and our belief in the transformative power of technology.”

He went on to say that Tether, through its support of the BTCPay Server Foundation, not only envisions investments in the future of digital payments but also intends to encourage developers to design imaginative solutions that cater to the ever-changing demands of customers worldwide.

BTCPay Server Founding Member Further Highlights Tether’s Support

Regarding this endeavor, R0ckstar Dev, a fundamental contributor and a founding member of BTCPay Server, expressed his gratitude. He proclaimed, “I am grateful to Tether for its generous grant and for recognizing the significance of BTCPay Server as a Bitcoin Free and Open Source Software project.”

This contribution tremendously enhances our ability to focus on our purpose, which is to enable anyone to take Bitcoin, regardless of their location, political affiliation, or financial situation.

While Tether continues to make strides as a pioneer in developing payment solutions for Bitcoin and USDT, this agreement further highlights another critical milestone in the company’s effort to strengthen and improve the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) ecosystem.

This demonstrates Tether’s strategic vision and commitment to fostering a financial era emphasizing accessibility and justice for all individuals operating inside the cryptocurrency arena worldwide. 

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