Binance to combine ChatGPT with Web3 Academy

Binance released a new AI-driven tool named the “Binance Sensei” to help users learn more about Web3.

Binance to combine ChatGPT with Web3 Academy

Following its most recent release in late November 2022, the artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot ChatGPT swept the globe.

Despite the fact that initial reactions to the technology were largely adverse, the technology continues to see increasing adoption.

Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange and blockchain technology developer, has announced the integration of ChatGPT into its education platform, Binance Academy.

In a blog post published on April 24, the company introduced its new AI-powered tool, dubbed “Binance Sensei.”


The bot uses machine learning to source answers from Binance’s education platform, Binance Academy, to respond to user queries on various Web3-related topics.

Users prompt this new “AI-powered mentor” with a specific query or keywords, from which the Sensei should generate a “concise, approximately 150-word summary” for each user.

On Twitter, the Binance community has begun to react to the news of the AI-powered coach, with users querying whether or not a “robot should be our teacher.”


The new AI-based learning aid from Binance is far from the first application of the technology in the cryptocurrency space, with AI even playing a role in improving the efficiency of the memecoin community.

Microsoft, Google, and e-commerce behemoth Alibaba have each announced their own ChatGPT implementations.

Although the race to artificial intelligence has resulted in widespread adoption of the technology, it has also increased concern over its unchecked capabilities.

Italy was the first country to impose a temporary prohibition on the use of the technology, while European Union regulators have decided to investigate the AI algorithms of BigTech companies.

As artificial intelligence becomes more pervasive, industry insiders anticipate a regulatory assault.

The Chinese government also plans to implement mandatory security evaluations for all AI services in the country.