Bitcoin Miners Hit Record High: $44M Daily Earnings

This resurgence followed a period of decline attributed to factors such as unfriendly regulations, a bear market, and investor concerns.

Bitcoin Miners Hit Record High: $44M Daily Earnings
Bitcoin Miners Hit Record High: $44M Daily Earnings

With transaction fees and block rewards exceeding $44 million, the Bitcoin mining community reached its annual all-time high (ATH) on November 12.

Completing blocks and confirming Bitcoin transactions with mining machines, which are sophisticated computing devices, generates the majority of the revenue generated by Bitcoin mining.

At present, in addition to transaction fees, miners are awarded 6.25 BTC for each successful block creation.

According to data from, the daily Bitcoin mining rewards surpassed $44 million on November 12, 2023, matching a value not seen since April 2022.

Multiple factors contributed to the decline in the worldwide Bitcoin mining industry’s revenue between April 2022 and November 2023.

Bitcoin Miners Hit Record High: $44M Daily Earnings

Bitcoin mining revenue annual chart. Source:

Unfriendly regulations that restrict investor access to Bitcoin transactions, a protracted bear market, and investor apprehension regarding schemes and ecosystem collapses are some of them.

Nevertheless, the year 2023 witnessed a comprehensive reversal of the aforementioned trend, owing to the proactive involvement of crypto entrepreneurs who restored investor faith.

The mining industry has experienced continuous revenue growth over the years due to a combination of increasing market prices and public interest.

As a result of a nearly fivefold increase in Bitcoin production, Marathon Digital Holdings, a Bitcoin mining company, reported a 670 percent year-over-year increase in revenue for the third quarter of 2023.

Multiple nations actively engage in the protection of the Bitcoin network through mining activities, in addition to Bitcoin mining companies and individual miners.

According to a recent report, Bhutan, a landlocked Asian nation, has been engaged in active Bitcoin mining using hydroelectric since April 2019, when the price of BTC reached $5,000.

To further expand its mining operations, the kingdom has reportedly investigated potential alliances.

Significantly, efforts are underway to secure 100 megawatts of electricity for a Bitcoin mining data center in Bhutan through negotiations with Bitdeer, a Nasdaq-listed mining company.

Approximately 12 percent more could be mined by Bitdeer as a result of this partnership.