Ethereum Programming Language Vyper v0.3.10 Released

Ethereum Programming Language Vyper v0.3.10 Released

Breaking changes:

  • Add runtime code layout to initcode.
  • Drop evm versions through istanbul.
  • Remove vyper signature from runtime.

Non-breaking changes and improvements:

  • O(1) selector tables.
  • Implement bound= in ranges.
  • Add optimization mode to vyper compiler.
  • Improve batch copy performance.

Previously, a vulnerability assessment report had been issued for the Vyper compiler, and the identified vulnerability has been rectified and rigorously tested in version v0.3.10.

Vyper represents a relatively recent addition to the Ethereum development ecosystem, having been introduced in 2018. Similar to Solidity, it is a statically typed language but employs a simpler syntax reminiscent of the Python programming language. Vyper prioritizes security in smart contract development by offering fewer features compared to Solidity, thereby reducing susceptibility to security vulnerabilities.

In summary, Vyper stands as a valuable instrument for developers seeking to construct decentralized applications and craft secure smart contracts on the Ethereum platform. Its straightforward syntax, robust security attributes, and enhanced performance render it an appealing choice for developers striving to create potent, secure, and efficient smart contracts.

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