FlickPlay Enters Partnership With The Sandbox To Share Metaverse Features

FlickPlay announced it has partnered with The Sandbox to expand interoperability between the two metaverse platforms
 FlickPlay Enters Partnership With The Sandbox To Share Metaverse Features ▲
FlickPlay Enters Partnership With The Sandbox To Share Metaverse Features

FlickPlay Releases Its First NFT Collection

FlickPlay users can now use Flicky, an anthropomorphic chameleon dressed in various outfits, as an avatar in The Sandbox metaverse game. Flicky is FlickPlay’s first collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

FlickPlay has just released its first NFT collection, dubbed “FlickyGang.” The collection, which includes an anthropomorphic chameleon named Flicky dressed in various outfits, will be available at a mint in May.

FlickPlay is a social metaverse app similar to Pokémon Go that allows users to search for digital collectibles in the real world using an interactive map on their mobile phones and record videos using augmented reality with collected digital collectibles.

FlickPlay Enters Partnership With The Sandbox

The collaboration of FlickPlay and The Sandbox introduced the concept of interoperability across different metaverses. The idea is to travel through various metaverses using the same set of NFTs and accessories.

Users will first be able to unlock Flicky NFT collections for use in The Sandbox game. Players will be able to use the same version of Flicky in both games.

There will also be a ‘FlickyHunt,’ in which users can capture a Flicky for free while exploring locations on the FlickMap; participating cities will be announced later. Some Flicky owners will be able to use the NFT as their avatar on The Sandbox to win prizes in the 3D virtual game.

Flicky owners can only unlock a version of the chameleon to use as an avatar on The Sandbox at the moment, but they will soon be able to use the exact version of their Flicky that is stored on the blockchain in both games, according to Pierina Merino, founder, and CEO of FlickPlay.

Pierina Merino, the founder and CEO of FlickPlay, believes the companies will complete the interoperability feature by the end of the year.

Sebastien Borget, the co-founder of The Sandbox, told Reuters:

“The integration is notable because it may be the first to bridge an NFT in the virtual world with usage linked to the physical world. The partnership with FlickPlay will help “create a more immersive experience that extends into the metaverse and The Sandbox.”

According to the plan, the company will release 12000 Flicky NFT collectibles. Of these, 200 Flicky will have special Sandbox traits that will grant their owners a variety of top rewards in The Sandbox Game.

Furthermore, the types of special rewards associated with Flicky’s characteristics range from customized fashion statements, free airdrops, signed items from famous artists and athletes, access to exclusive events, and more.

The Sandbox Brings Partners Into Metaverse

The Sandbox’s metaverse continues to attract major partners. HSBC recently became the first bank to acquire land in The Sandbox metaverse for customer engagement.

— The Sandbox (@TheSandboxGame) March 16, 2022

Paris Hilton, an actress, and businesswoman collaborated with The Sandbox to organize a DJ concert in the virtual world. Other well-known brands in the metaverse include Gucci, Warner Music Group, The Walking Dead, Snoop Dogg, and Adidas.

Last November, FlickPlay raised $5 million to expand their game content and add more cities to the map. Lightspeed Ventures, Abstract VC, Long Journey VC, Warner Co-Founder Vivi Nevo, and King co-founder Sebastian Knutsson were among the seed round investors.

Merino told GamesBeat that the company intends to help its users monetize their collectibles in the future, while Nicole Quinn, an investor at Lightspeed Ventures, wrote that FlickPlay users could “create unique digital art, then trade or sell it to followers, turning social capital into financial capital.”