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This pioneering move allows users to create customized, interoperable web addresses, bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3., a Web3 pioneer and renowned cryptocurrency exchange, has formed a partnership with D3 Global, a next-generation domain name company specializing in the development of interoperable digital identities, to secure the ‘.gate’ Top-Level Domain (TLD) amid its continuous stream of practical contributions to the blockchain industry.

According to the shared press release, the two organizations have formed a partnership for to apply for and acquire the ‘.gate’ top-level domain (TLD), which is the final segment of website addresses in the Domain Name System (DNS) of the Internet (e.g., ‘.com’ and ‘.org),’ during the forthcoming application window of ICANN.

Significantly, the authorization of a ‘.gate’ top-level domain (TLD) would afford users the ability to generate customized web addresses that are inherently interoperable with Web2 and Web3 addresses.

This would function as a digital identity across Web2 email services and browsers, in addition to cryptocurrency wallets and other blockchain-based applications.

How and D3 Global are Shaping the Future of Web3

As part of D3’s objective to seamlessly incorporate DNS and Web3 technologies, the Web3 pioneer has become the first cryptocurrency trading platform to pursue its own dedicated TLD, following the same path followed by the Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Viction blockchain ecosystems in December 2023.

Undoubtedly, the patent-pending platform developed by D3 seeks to rectify the incompatibility between conventional Internet infrastructure and the prevailing Web3 nomenclature systems, such as ‘.crypto’ and ‘.eth,’ which resulted in security vulnerabilities, brand confusion, and the omission of critical functions.

Hence, by integrating conventional World Wide Web and Web3 systems, establishes itself as a pioneer in the industry by guaranteeing enhanced security, usability, and universal access to the “authentic Web3 domains,” as it puts it.

Dr. Lin Han, founder and chief executive officer of, commented on the development and elucidated its implications for the platform and the industry at large, stating:

“Our partnership with D3 will allow us to offer exciting identity solutions that enhance their trading experience and opens the ecosystem up to billions of Internet users worldwide while maintaining the safe and secure environment our users have grown accustomed to.”

Simultaneously, Fred Hsu, the CEO of D3, expressed enthusiasm regarding implementing simple, interoperable digital identities based on the Domain Name System (DNS), which would enhance the accessibility, scalability, and security of Web3.

Hsu further stated that the Web3 pioneer’s twelve million global users would be granted access to the organization’s state-of-the-art solutions.