HyperPlay Unveils MetaMask Snaps Integration for Instant In-Game Transactions

The overlay facilitates immediate in-game transactions for blockchain gamers, overcoming previous compatibility issues with MetaMask Snaps.

HyperPlay Unveils MetaMask Snaps Integration for Instant In-Game Transactions
HyperPlay Unveils MetaMask Snaps Integration for Instant In-Game Transactions

On December 19, HyperPlay, the PC game launcher, announced the integration of its wallet overlay with MetaMask Snaps. This integration enables gamers to utilize their own wallet applications within the games that HyperPlay offers.

HyperPlay, comparable to Steam, Epic Games Store, and GoG (previously Good Old Games), features a built-in version of the Web3 wallet MetaMask that is shown as an overlay. This distinct feature sets HyperPlay apart from its competitors.

HyperPlay Unveils MetaMask Snaps Integration for Instant In-Game Transactions

HyperPlay store interface. Source: HyperPlay

This overlay, as stated by the developer of the launcher, enables blockchain gamers to complete transactions immediately within games rather than having to navigate to a browser wallet. Third-party developers can use the MetaMask Snaps feature to design applications within the MetaMask environment. However, the overlay feature utilized by HyperPlay was not compatible with MetaMask Snaps when it was released on September 12th.

An upgrade to the HyperPlay software has completely merged the two functionalities together, as indicated by the most recent announcement. JacobC.Eth, the founder of Hyperplay, stated in an interview that the new integration will make a number of functions available to users.

“The most obvious and immediate use case is the ability to use your wallet in custom blockchains like Sui, StarkWare, Solana, […] And since there are so many native games that are on those chains, it’s definitely going to expand the range of games where the players can use their single, interoperable wallet across those games.”

To begin, a great number of blockchains that were unable to push transactions to the wallet in the past will begin to be able to do so today. JacobC.eth discussed Bushi, a third-person shooter game with game items supported by the Sui blockchain.

JacobC.eth revealed that in the past, users of Bushi, the most popular game on HyperPlay, were not able to confirm purchases from within the overlay. This is due to the fact that Sui is not a blockchain that is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), and as a result, MetaMask does not provide official support for it.

However, players can now install a snap that enables support for this blockchain, and the game prompts users to do so whenever they initiate a transaction for the first time. According to the founder of HyperPlay, the overlay that is compatible with Snaps will bring even more utility in the future.

As an illustration, players will have the ability to install snaps that will enable them to authorize games to spend their dollars, but such authorization will be subject to a spending restriction that is defined by the user.

It is possible that this may make games that trigger a large number of transactions more convenient and easy to use. This is because it will eliminate the need for the player to manually confirm each transaction. At the same time, he stated that account abstraction would enforce the spending restriction, eliminating the need for customers to trust the game with their funds.

HyperPlay completed a Series A investment round in June, raising over $12 million. There were 33 titles available at the time. Additionally, the launcher gives users the ability to include their PlayStation 4 and Epic Games accounts into its user interface.