Hytopia Launches Node Sale for HYCHAIN

Hytopia Launches Node Sale for HYCHAIN

Hytopia Launches Node Sale for HYCHAIN

Hytopia’s launch of a node sale for its Layer-2 blockchain, HYCHAIN, aimed at enhancing its position in the Web3 gaming field.

Hytopia, a blockchain-based game that aspires to compete with Minecraft, has launched a node sale for its Layer-2 blockchain, HYCHAIN, in an effort to strengthen its position in the Web3 gaming field. Starting on March 2nd, the sale is encouraging its worldwide gaming community to help strengthen the security and functionality of HYTOPIA’s core network.

With its free-to-play approach, accessibility across multiple platforms, and in-game marketplace, HYTOPIA has quickly gained attention as a way to rethink the Minecraft experience through blockchain integration. By utilizing web3 functionality, HYTOPIA deviates from Minecraft’s traditional framework and introduces player-driven economies and real ownership of in-game objects.

ArkDev, co-founder of Hytopia & Hychain, informed the media that HYTOPIA has worked with top Minecraft content developers and millions of players from NFT Worlds (our previous name) and has heard the long-term concerns and demands of this enormous community.

Creators can make money off of our game in a variety of ways, including the sale of cosmetics, lootboxes, content, and more. The foundational economic layer of HYTOPIA is powered only by blockchain technology. Our self-custodied account abstraction technologies allow players to trade with one other using $TOPIA or $USDC while maintaining complete control and custody of their own assets.

Utilizing Arbitrum Anytrust Layer-2 technology, HYCHAIN guarantees low-latency gameplay and faster transaction throughput, with optimistic block production and block times under 500 milliseconds. The recent merger between HYCHAIN and MetaFab enhances its capacity to support large-scale launches by game creators. HYCHAIN already supports over 1,000 registered titles, including those from major and independent studios.

Our primary goal in developing the whitelist point system was to ensure that all members of the community, including holders and newcomers, had an equal chance to participate in the whitelist sale. Additional information was provided by ArkDev of Hytopia, who stated that the points system limits the amount of nodes that may be created during the sale, which helps to avoid tactics like botting that detract from genuine community engagement. For HYCHAIN-based games to work as a whole, Arbitrum’s Anytrust stack is essential. With Anytrust, we are able to reach block timings of less than 250ms, which makes in-game transactions smooth, unnoticeable, and fast in general.

A Comprehensive Review of the Node Purchase

Aiming to decentralize the blockchain’s consensus mechanism and encourage users to contribute to network security, the node sale is divided into five parts. Node operators can earn 250 million TOPIA tokens over three years and 25% of transaction fees forever if they maintain a certain level of uptime and are given the appropriate keys. Its availability across several purchasing tiers highlights the sale’s inclusivity, guaranteeing participation from early backers while safeguarding the network’s integrity.

So far, we have resolved nearly all of the issues that have arisen due to the complications in arranging the node sale. I’d have to say that one of the most significant challenges was coming up with a fair and accessible whitelist method that would allow both our current community members and newcomers to the community equal opportunity to participate in the sale. The reasoning for our points and phase-based whitelist system was based on this, as ArkDev of Hytopia described.

In addition to demonstrating HYTOPIA’s dedication to decentralization, the next HYCHAIN node sale heralds a sea change in the gaming industry by giving players a voice in the administration and security of the blockchain.

More gaming-centric L2s will most certainly emerge in the near future. This feels like a new meta is starting; sadly, some will try to cash in on the excitement, which is bad for the scene as a whole,” ArkDev told reporters. “On the other hand, we believe that HYCHAIN has the potential to revolutionize the web3 + gaming industry by setting a new standard for excellence in design, development, and implementation.”

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