Immutable’s Passport Revolutionizes Web3 Gaming Wallets

The newly introduced dashboard aims to simplify user experience by facilitating game discovery, fund management, and third-party wallet linking.

Immutable's Passport Revolutionizes Web3 Gaming Wallets
Immutable's Passport Revolutionizes Web3 Gaming Wallets

An announcement made on December 19 stated that the Web3 game developer Immutable has announced the introduction of their new wallet infrastructure, which is referred to as “Immutable Passport.”

Using an email address, a Google or Apple account, or both, customers are now able to create and retrieve their wallets through the newly implemented login option.

Immutable's Passport Revolutionizes Web3 Gaming Wallets

Immutable Passport wallet creation screen. Source: Immutable

Gods Unchained, Blocklete Golf, B/R Watch 2 Earn, TokenTrove, and AtomicHub are the five games and apps that have adopted Immutable Passport at the time of launch. The statement confirms that the aggregate user base of these applications exceeds 500,000 individuals.

Immutable has not only introduced the wallet infrastructure, but it has also introduced a dashboard that will present itself immediately when the user has already logged in. According to the statement, the dashboard would make it possible for players to “find new games with ease, store and add funds, link third-party wallets, and manage all [their] in-game items within one familiar experience.”

Immutable's Passport Revolutionizes Web3 Gaming Wallets

Immutable Passport dashboard. Source: Immutable

In a blog post published in August, Immutable announced the findings of a consumer survey.  The study indicated that gamers are twice as likely to sign up for a wallet using Immutable Passport as they are to sign up for a standard wallet.

During a chat that took place in May, Immutable provided a more in-depth description of the manner in which Passport protects the cash of its users when they sign up using personal email addresses.

In this scenario, the Magic software development kit generates a private key whenever the user first logs in. After encrypting the key, it is transmitted to a Hardware Security Module (HSM) provided by Amazon Web Services, where it is securely stored.

As a result of the fact that access to the HSM is controlled by a device-specific token that is emailed to the user, neither Immutable nor Magic have access to this key. Because of this, Immutable believes Passport to be a “noncustodial” login solution.

This is because the company asserts that it does not require the customer to trust Immutable with their cash while using Passport. The most recent action that Immutable has taken to improve the convenience of Web3 gaming for players is the launch of Passport.

On December 11, the team decided to incorporate Transak as a payment option for its games. On December 13th, the team announced that it would make a gas-free transaction option available for its zkEVM platform in the year 2024.